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Usability and User Experience Tips. UI/UX


★ Remove all useless fields from your registration forms

Leave required fields only. Remove other fields like discount coupons.


★ Make links and buttons darker when mouse over it

Don’t change links color just make them a little bit darker.


★ Underline links have the best click through rate (CTR)

Hide underline when arrow over the link for the best result.


★ Use white backgrounds for any website

Websites with white background have high page views rates than any dark websites.


★ Don’t use Italic fonts for important information

People don’t like to read Italic text and skip it

Search Engine Optimization Tips. SEO


★ Don’t write website name in Title tag

No reason to add the website name into a title tag. Use title for the keywords only. Add the website name in a description.


★ Update website main page frequently

Blog: Write new posts or renew old posts.

Shop: Add new products, news or show different popular products.

Landing page: New reviews and comments.


★ Add popular additional words to a Title tag and on page

There are a lot of additional popular words that should appear on your pages or in title tags. Some of them:

  1. Years – 2016 (last year), 2017 (this year), 2018 (next year)

  2. Best

  3. Cheap

  4. Reviews

  5. Guide

  6. Online

  7. Location

  8. Plural and singular keyword


★ If your local business works 24 hours you must add keywords “twenty-four hours” on pages

A lot of businesses use standard keywords lists. If you are you working twenty-four hours, you must add it to a premium keyword list.


★ Put the main keywords in the title tag and in the page beginning

Search Engines give more points to the first words in the title tag. Don’t write company name or words like “good”, “nice”, “beautiful”. Write your keywords first.

AdSense Monetization Tips. How to Monetize your website.

★ Ads background must be the same like background around ad

Different background than around cause low CTR

★ Ads URL and Description make the same color

Good color for URL and Description is light gray on white background

★ Don’t place ads above the header at the top of the page

You can receive google penalty placing any ads at the top. (Page Layout Algo)

Ads at the top above the header have low CTR.

★ Blue and white blue links titles mostly have the best click through rate

Experiments show the best universal colors for link title to have great CTR are blue and white blue. The black color link title works well at the bottom of the page.

★ Place Adsense Ads on your website without borders

Adsense ads or any PPC ads have higher click-through rate without borders

Social Media Marketing Tips. SMM


★ Add picture to every post in social networks

93% of shared posts have a picture. Write your post with an image! The best is a photo, avoid stock photos.


★ Tweet this quote” is a good idea to ask to share your link on twitter

You can put share links buttons everywhere on the article but people like the key ideas and text links. It is good to make some beautiful quotes inside the article and add text link “Tweet this quote”.

Clicktotweet.com is a good tool to make quotes links


★ Tweeter. Make a tweet for any new post

  • The link in tweeter helps Google to index your new page very fast.

  • Thousands of tweets and retweets can even help you to grow up in Google Search.

  • Google shows results from twitter when people looking for your company.


★ Linkedin. Customize website link name using keywords

People miss the fact they can add 3 their links on their Linkedin Profile. Be sure to customize your link’s anchor text by using option “Other” instead of “My Website”, “My Company” or “My Blog”.


★ Imagine when you write the text, you are speaking to a person

Text on the website should be like chatting with another person. Don’t use text that you can’t tell to a person. Test your text trying to imagine that you are telling it.

Search Engine Marketing Tips. SEM


★ Data in Adwords Keyword Planner isn’t accurate

Google shows old information in Keyword Planner. Make campaign Active to see accurate data.


★ Use numbers in titles to increase CTR

Write the exact number. Don’t write 100+, write 157 to get the best results.


★ Google AdWords. Create expanded text ads headlines using full length

Google text ads have two headline fields (up to 30 characters each) now. Make two headlines now. It is dramatically increasing CTR. Be careful, the new type of ads is better but you must think different too!

Read more about expanded text ads Guide to expanded text ads


★ Direct contextual ads visitors to the relevant pages

The relevant landing page must have in the page title all words from keyword you pay for.

For example Online shop selling mobile phones. Keyword “mobile phones” Landing page is the main page. Keyword “buy Samsung mobile” Landing page is category Samsung mobile phones. Keyword “Samsung galaxy s7” landing page category for this models.


★ Easy to make Infographic Tool. Free – Canva.com

Infographic becomes one of the most popular on social networking services. Make the infographic in 5 minutes. The best free infographic tool.

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