We are making professional audit in compliance with Google Adsense Online Terms of Service and Ad placement policies.


We will answer questions in AdSense Audit:

Where are the best places to position your ads?

What ads size to use for the biggest revenue and great user experience at one moment?

What are nice colors for ads?


What is the average CTR of AdSense?

AdSense Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) or AdSense CTR depends on:

  1. Traffic Quality (Country, Industry, Traffic Source, etc)

  2. Competition level of your category

  3. Ad Format

  4. Ad Placement

  5. Ad Style

AdSense Audit Does NOT include Traffic Quality and Competition Level research.

We are optimizing: Where to place, What Size and Style Google AdSense Ads to use to maximize revenue.

You will receive images of your website pages with Ad Placements, Formats and Styles to use on 3 types of pages.

  1. Main Page

  2. Category Page

  3. Landing Page (Article or Product)


Adsense Tip: Google Do NOT Allow to place ads on welcome pages, exit pages, login pages, error pages or 404 pages.


I have made more than 1000 websites AdSense Audits. Only 2 times in 5 years profit didn’t grow up and I made money back because we can’t find why it has happened.

Mostly revenue grows on 20% — 50%. Some rare websites receive  5% — 20% and the best have from 50% — to 300% 


If you have already great AdSense profits on your website we can check it out and tell you could we make more or not. You pay only if we are sure that profits will grow up.


You pay only if we are sure that profits will grow up. We are guaranteed money back if profit will not grow up. Nobody lost money moving ad blocks. We made money back because profit didn’t want to grow!

We Guarantee that profit will grow more than 5%.

Contact us to order Audit now. Price $285


AdSense optimization shouldn’t be based on your opinion and certainly not on guesses. We convert your visitors into clicks relying on data analysis and A/B testing.