Полный анализ вашей ниши в одном файле — карте ключевых слов.

Документ содержит понятное и читабельное семантическое ядро сайта и mind карту одновременно.

Карта ключевых слов это первичный документ в техническом задании для разработчиков сайта и SEO специалистов.


Цель работы:

  • Анализ рынка поисковых запросов
  • Кластеризация семантического ядра
  • Выявление потенциального охвата ЦА в поисковых системах
  • Первый этап разработки SEO структуры сайта


5 working days

SEO ТЕКСТ для поисковых систем

Analysis of the Internet market and online advertising are the first stages of developing a marketing strategy.

Identify trending products or services in your niche.

Find out if you are producing products that meet the demand.

Track how volatile the market is in your industry.

See what products are bought most often.

Understand which ad campaigns your business colleagues are using in order to apply the best ones.

Develop a marketing strategy based on online advertising and market validation data so that your products are bought.

Distribute the budget in accordance with the results of the analysis of the online market.

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Why monitor your competitors' search results?

internet market analysis

Do you want to spend money in business only on what will bring profit? 

Then, before planning your marketing strategy, monitor your niche market and analyze your ads. 

This will show what is relevant now, what products and services to promote. Then it will not work out that you have invested in creating a marketing strategy, in advertising, and there is no profit.

Check out the online shopping market.

Any area of trading activity can be analyzed. An analysis of the online store market will show which sites are popular, which products are bought often, and which are not. You can track the dynamics of trade and the seasonality of the market will become obvious. 

YOU will know what is trending right now!

For example, an analysis of the market for online clothing stores will show what things are being bought the most, in what quantity a store similar to yours in terms of trade volume sells them, etc. 

An analysis of the market of Internet providers will also make it clear in which areas of the territory closest to the office the services are ordered the most, and target advertising there.

Conduct an analysis of the online advertising market.

It will show you what products and services are being advertised in your niche. This will show you what the audience is responding to. You can estimate the type of ads, where they were shown, when they were shown, and the audience. After this check, your ad will hit the target. You will hook the audience, traffic will increase, and with it, sales will inevitably go up.

By ordering complex services for market analysis and advertising, you will get a complete picture of the situation in the field of your business on the Internet. This will help you build a win-win marketing strategy and share your product with those who want to buy it!

Cross the TOP-3 finish line.

This is the desired goal of every website owner. It is there that the highest awards in the form of the largest traffic in the entire search result. And it certainly gives rise to sales. 

In the TOP, not everyone is accepted, but the most trained and fastest, those who do not take doping, but develop in natural ways. 

The site must comply with the search algorithms. The analysis of the seo positions of the site shows in general whether it complies with the rules of the championship in order to get into the leaders of the search results. It's also important to keep track of where your competitors are running to see if you're falling behind or catching up. 

If one of them is in the TOP, you can learn his way of training and running techniques. This will help pump your site even better and displace it from the leadership position. Then the target audience will go to you and not to competitors.

What will the analysis of site positions in Google show?

  • Location of competitors in mobile and desktop versions.
  • Analysis of site positions for search queries. You can find out the location of competitors for certain keywords.
  • Analysis of TOP-3 for the presence of competitors.

Such checks will direct you to the race for the best spot in the SERP. They will show who has yet to be overtaken. If you are ahead, who is overtaking you. 

By analyzing the state of the site of someone who began to move quickly, you can see how to improve so that it does not get ahead of you. Check and overtake!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ How long does it take to analyze the Internet market?

About 2 weeks. Maybe longer. Depends on the niche. Please contact us, we will tell you the exact cost for your business.

✔️ How often do you need to conduct online marketing market analysis?

Before choosing an activity for a business, before developing a marketing strategy, before the start of each season of the year, before the introduction of a new product unit, etc.

✔️ How much does Internet market analysis cost?

We have affordable prices, as for your specific tasks, you will receive accurate information by contacting us by phone or via messenger.

✔️What service do you recommend for analyzing the Internet market?

When checking, only a set of tools is effective.

✔️ What is the purpose of analyzing the Internet market?

Market analysis provides information on industries, customers, competitors, and other market variables. You can also define the relationship between supply and demand for a specific product or service. Based on these findings, you can make more informed decisions about possible marketing strategies.

✔️ Can you order an analysis of the market for online clothing stores?

We have such a service. You can contact us and discuss all the nuances of cooperation.

✔️ Why do you need an analysis of the online advertising market?

Such studies are carried out if it is planned to launch a new product on the Internet market, rebrand, launch an advertising campaign. Also, such an analysis allows you to increase competitiveness and minimize risks, bring your business to a new level.

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