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Take the best from your competitors and learn from their mistakes!

Where do competitors get their traffic from?

What audience is buying their products?

What are the competitors' SEO strategies?

How are your business colleagues' websites optimized?

What keywords are they using?

How many competitors are using a specific query?

Which of their ideas will be useful for your business, and which mistakes should they avoid?

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Spy games: Gather experience of promotion by key requests of your business colleagues.

Online intelligence provides valuable information. You can use it to optimize your site. Such a check reveals the disadvantages in the strategy of promoting the business of other companies for key requests and not making mistakes in their strategy.

How does competitor keyword analysis work?

  • You can find the most effective queries that apply to your industry.
  • Analyzing the number of competitors for a specific query allows you to check how popular a particular search phrase is.
  • Seeing the direction of the competitors' strategy, it turns out to plan your promotion faster and with great results.
  • Comparison of the key phrases of your project with the platforms of colleagues shows what you are using to the fullest, and what you should use additionally.
  • Analysis of competitors' queries is a source of ideas for expanding the semantic core.

What will our intelligence give you?

The ability to improve website promotion, expand your audience and increase traffic. Intelligence reveals the very "magic words" that make sales.

Information about the semantic core of your competitors' sites will allow you to:

  • Expand the set of keywords for your topic.
  • Check the content of business colleagues and identify in the text the turns of speech and words to which users respond best.
  • Investigate user behavior on competitors' sites. This will show which texts, phrases and calls to action are more effective. Which of what they read prompts them to follow links, linger on a page, fill out a form, or checkout.

Learn the "magic words" and apply them to the semantic core of your site. This will drive more traffic to you, more customers and more buyers. Sales will increase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ Do you analyze your competitors' search queries?


✔️ How much will you cost to analyze your competitors' keywords?

1 to 3 days. Please contact us and we will tell you more precisely about your task.

✔️ Can you only analyze the number of competitors for a specific request?


✔️ How much does it cost to analyze competitors' search queries?

We have affordable prices. We can tell you the exact cost after discussing your problem. Please contact us personally.

✔️ What does the analysis of competitors' search queries give?

Analysis of key queries of competitors allows you to determine additional opportunities to raise the site's ranking. The more well-known resources link to a site, the better such a web product will rank. This allows you to get more free traffic.

✔️ Is it possible to conduct an analysis of competitors' requests on my own?

Certainly. But you must understand that an integrated approach is needed here. We advise you to order this service from our specialists with relevant experience.

✔️ What is SEO competitor keyword analysis?

This analysis includes researching the links, keywords, content, and more of your SEO competitors in order to translate the most successful elements of these tactics into your own SEO strategy. There are many ways to conduct competitor analysis for SEO.

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