Анализ страниц интернет магазина.

Написание технического задания для исправления ошибок.

Цель работы:

  • Увеличить трафик
  • Повысить позиции по запросам
  • Увеличить продажи сайта


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Аудит интернет магазина включает

Market analysis, competitors, target audience.

Testing your marketing strategy.

Analysis of the site structure.

Checking internal and external seo optimization.

External link audit.

Checking internal linking.

Testing the usability of an online store.

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Does your Online Store meet the needs of your visitors?

Online Store Audit

Интернет-магазин – это место встречи ваших потенциальных клиентов с товарами. Как в буквальном магазине важно создать условия для посетителей. Им должно быть удобно выбирать и покупать продукцию, также это важно сделать и в виртуальной торговой точке.

What should be an online store?

  • It's easy to get to. Do users see your site on the first lines of search results? Are the pages loading fast?
  • He looks good. What is your website design? Are the colors harmonious? Is there too much decor?
  • It is easy to navigate in the store and find the products you need. How does your online store work? Does it have a logical structure? How quickly do users find the product they want? How is the site displayed on mobile devices?
  • Each product can be examined and read its composition, expiration date. In the product cards in the online store, the description should contain everything the customer wants to know, from photos to reviews.
  • The path to the checkout can be found from anywhere in the store. Can a customer order a product using a simplified scheme? Does he understand the form of payment? Does the page receive a message that the process is going well?

Audit of the website of the online store.

Анализируем сайт, учитывая описанные выше основные требования к торговой точке. 

В аудит интернет магазина входит:

  • Analysis of a niche in the market, comparison of a store with competitors' sites.
  • Marketing strategy development: is it meeting the demand of the target audience?
  • Technical seo audit of an online store: its structure, linking, link mass.
  • An audit of the usability of an online store: is it convenient for customers?
  • Checking the design of web pages, etc.

Выявляем проблемы в устройстве интернет-магазина и предоставляем план работ над ним. Если пожелаете,  мы можем выполнить этот план в рамках услуги по оптимизации интернет магазина.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ How long does it take to audit an online store for WordPress?

This is individual, from 3 weeks. Maybe faster or longer. Please contact us and we will tell you the audit price for your project.

✔️ Can you order an audit of the website of an online store in Moscow?

Yes, we work with clients not only from Russia and Ukraine, but also from all over the world.

✔️ What is more important to check when fishing an online store site?

A comprehensive check is necessary, because it is not always possible to guess what the site does not work or is not arranged correctly.

✔️How often do you need an audit of an online store?

It is recommended to check it shortly after launch, then at least once a year if there is an increase in sales and no disruptions. If sales have fallen or are not growing, then audit is an urgent task.

✔️ What tools can be used to conduct a technical SEO audit of an online store?

Woorank is an amazing website analysis audit tool. You can also use tools such as Raventools, Semrush, Moz, WebCEO, SpyFu, SEO site check, SEO audit tool from Found.

✔️ Why is SEO audit of an online store so important?

Each website is different. An SEO audit provides a personalized insight into how well your website looks in the eyes of Google. After completing the audit, you will have much more opportunity to develop and implement a clear SEO strategy and improve your inbound marketing.

✔️ Is it necessary to conduct an audit of the usability of an online store or can you just do with an SEO check?

A usability audit is an important process of evaluating a website's user interface. This tool allows you to identify usability problems in digital products. It can also help identify problem areas that are causing users to abandon their path and leave.

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