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Часовая консультация с решениями по увеличению конверсии.

Цель работы:

  • Увеличить продажи сайта
  • Уменьшить количество отказов
  • Выявить проблемные элементы дизайна сайта


1 час.

SEO ТЕКСТ для поисковых систем
Table of contents

Who needs advice on Website Usability?

To increase your income and solve urgent problems:

Usability-UX of the site

Visitors understand the quality of usability with their purchases on the site. UX is not the beauty of the site, it is math and testing.

How do you encourage visitors to buy?

How do you create an effective call to action?
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Usability makes the site commercially successful.
  • Brings bids, sales or advertising revenue.

Usability of a site is the ability, convenience, accessibility of making purchases, placing orders or other user actions on the resource.

Tired that your number of orders is several times less than that of your competitors. You paid for the advertisement, but the visitor, having reached the basket, did not place an order and left.

Paradox: Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising and website promotion, but haven't spent $ $1000 on UX optimization to double ad performance and sales

The solution has never been easier.

An individual approach to each consultation.

Your problem will not be solved by an automated service that issues template solutions, but by a specialist with more than 10 years of experience in UX.

Continue reading to find out more about our Usability Services and also view our package Usability Audit... If you would like to speak with a UX specialist, then give us a call now.

You think that everything is perfect for you and do not know how else to increase your profits. A usability specialist will solve the assigned tasks!

What is the analysis of the site according to hundreds of criteria?

Home page, category pages, product pages, and information pages.

  • Page layout
  • Block arrangement
  • Site and block colors
  • Assessment of texts. Fonts, colors and content markup
  • Analysis of whether the header matches the goals of the site
  • Analyzing the footer for standard errors
  • Link structure evaluation
  • Website speed assessment
  • Call to Action (CTA) Analysis
  • Optimizing internal and external click-through rates (CTR)
  • And hundreds of other assessments and templates

The consultation will help you find errors on the site that steal your profits. You will receive precise advice and recommendations on what to do now and today.

Briefly about the Cases.

Our clients are increasing their sales from 10% to 300%. Sometimes elementary mistakes on the site can radically change the attitude of your customers towards you.

  • For example, one of our customers, having changed the background of the site, increased the profit by 10 times!
  • The store owner could not understand why high-quality traffic was not converted, but it turned out that the order form on the phone gave an error.
  • Swapping the blocks gives about 30% for everyone.
  • Optimization of texts from 10% sales growth.

We check the site for errors and find solutions!  

After the consultation, we expect the implementation of all the solutions that you received during the consultation.

IS FREE we check if there were any errors after the implementation of the recommendations. We give final tips for the further development of the site.

How is the consultation going?

  • We send an application. 
  • We determine the goals and performance indicators of the site.
  • We agree on the time of the consultation.
  • We make an advance payment of 100%.
  • We conduct a consultation, writing down all the recommendations in writing.
  • We are waiting for your changes on the site or we are doing the work ourselves.
  • We review the changes and refine the results.

Frequently asked questions before a usability consultation.

✓ How is a Usability specialist consultation going?

The consultation takes place in the chat of any messenger in writing or by voice. Recommended in writing so you can reread.

✓ When to seek advice from a UX specialist?

When you see problems or want to increase profits, but you do not have time to study problems for months and need a quick result.

✓ What do I get for an hour's consultation?

Answers to questions and solutions to your problems. In an hour, the specialist manages to give out the amount of information a month in advance for the work of designers and programmers.

✓ What is the experience of usability specialists in your team?

Our UX team consists of specialists with over 10 years of experience. They guarantee the result from the consultation after the introduction of changes on the site.

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