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Why do you need to order only a selling site?

Sales are made on sites that answer customer questions and needs.

Selling website

Standard website

The most common problems are when your site is ready.

Website creation

When ordering a website, most people face a standard set of problems:

This is a very short list of problems with new sites. The site must sell. And just the most important thing in new sites is forgotten by everyone.

Landing Page Benefits.

Landing page creation

We provide a full range of services in the field of UX-Usability of web design.

 A selling site is a site that takes into account all the factors affecting the completion of a purchase by a visitor. Responsive landing pages are perfect for services, products, and events.

We create non-standard and creative design solutions. We carry out an individual approach to each client, ensuring high-quality and timely execution of work.

There is a solution.

An individual approach to the development of a selling design.

Your task will be solved by a team of specialists. UX designer, UX expert, SEO specialist, copywriter of selling texts and programmer. No boilerplate solutions. They do not work.

Continue reading to learn more about building a selling website and also check out our package. Usability Audit for a working site. If you want to speak with a specialist, then call us now.

Types and types of landing pages.

Landing page

Landing Page Specifications.


  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
  • JQuery
  • Valid Coding
  • Sass


  • Admin Panel
  • Cherry Framework 5
  • Easy Installation
  • Ecwid ready
  • Elementor Page Builder

Web Forms

  • Contact Form
  • Login Form
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • User Registration
  • Search Form


  • Blog
  • Online Store / Shop

Template languages

  • English
  • Russian

Stages of creating a landing page.

  • Business niche analysis. Discussion of the project and approval of technical specifications.
  • Client actions. Preparation of information. Writing texts, preparing photos or videos.
  • Technical work on the installation of CMS, SSL and basic template.
  • Redesign of the template according to the terms of reference.
  • Translation of the Template.
  • Adding information, photos or videos of the client.
  • Internal website optimization for search engines.
  • Website speed optimization.
  • Turnkey website transfer to the client. 
  • Bonus. Two days of training staff to work with CMS.

💵 What is included in the cost of a selling and optimized website?

The creation of a selling website includes the following services:

  • Site development.
    • The development of technical specifications takes from 25 hours.
    • The creation of a semantic core takes from 8 to 50 hours.
    • Assessment of competitors. Study of competitors' search queries.
    • Creation of SEO structure of a multi-page site. From 50 hours.
    • UX prototyping for mobile, tablets and PCs takes 25 to 100 hours.
    • It takes 20 hours or more to render a website design.
    • Website layout takes from 8 to 25 hours.
    • Website functionality development takes from 8 hours.
    • Services of copywriters and photographers are negotiated in a separate agreement.
    • The total cost of creating a selling and optimized website is from $1175.
  • Documentation.
    • Agreement and annexes to the agreement.
    • Technical task.
    • Semantic core. Excel format.
    • SEO site structure. Excel format.
    • Prototypes of all pages of the site. PNG format.
    • Site design. PSD format.
    • Competitor evaluation report. PDF format.
Website creation

The calculation is based on the cost of $12.5 per hour of work.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

✓ What is a marketing website?

A selling site is a collection of usability design, professional text, optimized calls to action, and quality traffic.

✓ How to create a selling website?

To create a selling website, you need to do UX design, write motivating texts, create effective calls to action, and drive targeted traffic to the site.

✓ What are your guarantees of creating a selling website?

Our team has the best specialists. Usability specialists, SEO specialists, copywriters and designers will participate in the development of the site.

✓ Have you been involved in the creation of sites in my niche?

Yes, we have created sites in your niche. Our team has more than 10 thousand projects experience.


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