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Earn online!
$25 / hour

Online shopping is the most popular activity on the World Wide Web.

We analyze your direction in business.

We study the market needs and features of competitors' online stores.

We are developing a project.

We create an online store design in accordance with your corporate style.

We fill the site with content from images to product descriptions.

We will show you a website prototype and adjust it in accordance with your wishes.

Development of a turnkey online store, and you get the maximum profit from it!

Contact instantly via messenger!

Choose your favorite messenger for Free consultation according to your project.

Open an online store and make a profit on the online market!

Development of an online store.

Do you doubt whether you need an online store development? If you are confident, facts about the growth of online sales will strengthen your resolve.

How big is the digital market?

The turnover on e-commerce trading platforms in Ukraine in 2019 amounted to approximately UAH 65 billion. According to the research company GfK Ukraine, there are already more than 20 million regular Internet users in Ukraine, of which 36% regularly buy goods via the Internet. We get about 7 million people. Online commerce in Ukraine is growing by about 10 % per year.

Data Insight reports data for December 2019: in just a year, 425 million orders in online stores were made in Russia, which is 41% more than last year. In general, online stores gained 1.6 trillion rubles. This is a quarter more than in 2018.

Additional benefit from online trading.

An online store is essential for your business for several reasons:

  • You will present your products and services throughout the country or even abroad.
  • You will increase the reputation of your company. If a company does not have a presence on the Internet, its credibility diminishes.
  • People who don't like shopping and crowded places probably wouldn't make it to your outlet. But they will buy products from you online.
  • With the help of an online store, you will create an attractive image for your business with the help of positive reviews, show your loyalty to all categories of buyers.
  • Online store promotion will increase your sales.

What is important to consider when creating an online store?

Knowing the psychology and needs of your customers, you can arrange navigation, arrange goods and organize service in such a way that most buyers will become your regular customers and bring friends with them. There are several main signs of an online store "for people".

All product information is available.

All the main characteristics are indicated in the description of the product. Photos and video reviews help you evaluate the products. Customer reviews help with the choice. Present your products in the online store so that customers can find out everything that interests them from the product card.

Energy saving and comfort.

No need to get to the point of sale. Cold or heat, rain or crowded transport. There is so much discomfort on the way to the store or to the market. Sitting at home on a comfortable couch, you can choose, order, pay for the product and even receive it at your door upon delivery by courier.

How many shops do you have to visit until you find what you need? After shopping, you collapse from fatigue. You can shop without physical activity just by flipping through the web pages.

Design your site so that customers are comfortable using it. Convenient navigation is the most important criterion by which users evaluate the quality of an online site. So that they receive the purchased goods on time and comfortably, make sure that delivery is available in your online store: express, economy or courier delivery.

Bargain purchases are always available!

Online shopping is cheaper than in stores and markets. Buyers look at prices on many sites. Services for comparing the cost of goods in online stores help you quickly find where to buy cheaper.

Set prices no higher than those of competitors, attract customers with promotions, bonuses, discounts and free shipping services.

Online stores are open around the clock without interruption. Provide quick feedback. If there are questions from visitors, answer them as soon as possible.

Friendly, unobtrusive service.

An annoyed salesperson who stands above your heart while you choose a product, buyers who strive to make their way to the checkout in front of you, promoters, offer something to try on every corner. So much stress to just buy an iron or a sweater! In online stores, the client is one-on-one with the goods and, if anything, they are always ready to help him.

Test if visitors like the service in your online store? Is it annoying advertising or intrusive offers from managers to help with the choice?

Development of a turnkey online store on WordPress.

  • We find out the needs of your business, its features, the requirements of your target audience.
  • We think over a marketing strategy.
  • We create a website prototype. This is the foundation of its structure and functionality.
  • We prepare a design from a color palette to text fonts.
  • We design a website on the most popular cms WordPress. We carry out adaptive programming for the correct display of pages on all types of electronic devices, layout, security system settings, etc.
  • A content service is available. We fill the site with goods, images and video reviews if you order such a service.
  • We are testing an online store.
  • You get a website that is ready to make you profit.
  • We offer SEO promotion services for your online store to increase sales from the very start of its work.

Order your point of sale on the worldwide marketplace. Let Internet users know about your business! High-quality development and promotion of an online store, and you will receive maximum profit from the online project all the time. Don't miss out on making a profit in the online marketplace, which will always evolve and grow.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ How long does it take to develop an online store website?

It depends on the complexity of its structure, the number of positions and what additional work is needed. Minimum 4 weeks.

✔️ Is the development of turnkey online stores much more expensive from the completion of an existing website?

It is not always more expensive. Sometimes you need such a deep revision that it will be cheaper to create an online store from scratch.

✔️ I enter 'online store development price' into Google and see very different amounts. Why?

The cost of developing an online store depends on the platform on which it is formed, on its complexity, on whether it needs to be filled with content, etc.

✔️ Why is it better to develop an online store with WordPress in your opinion?

It is cheaper: the platform itself is free, it allows you to create a unique design, you can create a website on it faster than on other cms.

✔️ Website development for an online store: what is important to consider?

Before developing an online store, it is necessary to analyze the possible traffic. It is also important to determine the average conversion, average check and the number of repeat sales.

✔️ How much does it cost to develop a turnkey online store on WordPress?

A WordPress online store costs between $ 500 and $ 3,000 for an ecommerce start-up business. This gives you the best value for money as it is the most reliable, flexible and easy-to-use platform.

✔️ Development of an online store on WordPress or Wix: which is better?

WordPress is Better for Ecommerce Than Wix! If you don't mind the extra costs and higher technical requirements associated with an eCommerce plugin, then WordPress is the way to get it powerful and scalable. However, Wix's built-in ecommerce features are great for small stores.

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