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TK from professionals for all cases for sites!

We embody your wishes, add unique ideas - and you get the perfect website for your activity.

The terms of reference as an annex to the contract is a guarantee that the site will meet your expectations.

We think over how to develop a website with minimal costs and indicate this in the technical assignment.

Terms of reference for the development of a company website for your business.

Terms of reference for design development - and your company is presented more interesting than competitors.

Terms of reference for the development of a logo - and customers will remember you.

Terms of reference for the development of an online store - and your site will be convenient for buyers.

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Why is the development of technical specifications for building a website so important that you need to contact specialists?

development of technical specifications for WordPress

If this is an amateur project, you can experiment. When you need a website to make money on it, you cannot do without a technical task development service.

What does a work plan from professionals give?

Any design from a building to a stool requires a project. And not just a plan in general terms, but a detailed sequence of actions as preparation for the formation of TK.

Terms of reference, development of the concept of the site, its idea, focus and structure allows you to create a product that meets the tasks of your business. Templates are not applicable here - only an individual approach.

Development of technical specifications, technical solutions is an opportunity to choose the best site architecture on the WordPress for your tasks and determine the most suitable tools for this.

The development of the structure of the technical task also affects what the finished web product will be like. The correct sequence of project development can be formed by specialists who have knowledge and experience in programming, web design, copywriting and marketing.

How do we approach the development of technical specifications?

  • Before planning the creation of a site, we find out the wishes of the client regarding the result, identify the needs of his business.
  • Putting together it and our ideas for the project.
  • We get to know more about the activities of the customer's company and the characteristics of the target audience.
  • We think over the sequence of works and suitable methods of their execution. We choose the best of them.

Only after such an analysis, we proceed to structuring the TK. Deep preparation for work allows us to create websites individually for the business of each of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ On request 'terms of reference, development, drafting', articles are offered on how to make it yourself. What, in your opinion, is the most important thing in the development, is it possible to make a technical specification without experience?

The most important thing is to clearly understand how you see the end result. This will help you find the best ways to achieve it. You can do the TK on your own. To do this, you need to study marketing, customer psychology, analysis, web design, programming, etc.

✔️ Is it possible to order a technical assignment for the development of a design project so that it is completed as soon as possible?

Please contact us. It is important to know the details of the task. We will always find an opportunity to fulfill your order as soon as possible.

✔️ How much does it cost to develop a technical assignment technical assignment?

It depends on many factors: what kind of site you need, direction of business, wishes about design, etc. In a personal conversation, we will tell you the exact amount. Please contact us.

✔️ Is there a large structure for the technical assignment for the development of the site?

It depends on the type of site and your wishes. We create technical specifications for effective sites, while the instructions are as convenient and easy to follow as possible.

✔️ What is the terms of reference, concept development?

The terms of reference, which is attached to the contract, guarantees that your site will fully meet your requirements. Terms of reference for website development is made individually for your business.

✔️ How is the development of technical specifications and technical solutions carried out?

Employees of the company thoroughly study the activities of the customer's company, the features of its target audience. The sequence of work is carefully thought out, the optimal methods of execution are chosen and the best and most effective are selected.

✔️ Why is it especially important to develop the structure of the terms of reference?

The development of the TK structure directly affects the quality of the finished web product. The correct sequence of project development is formed by qualified and experienced specialists who have thoroughly studied programming, web design, marketing, copywriting.

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