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Filling the Online Store

We will present your product to customers in a beautiful and informative way!

A clear directory structure will direct visitors to the product they need.

The line item preview will display basic product information that visitors are looking for.

Product images from different angles will show the product to customers.

In the characteristics of the bed, they will find information about the configuration, composition, model and other parameters.

Descriptions will tell you about the properties of the products and how they are used.

Blog articles will describe the products, their benefits and features of use.

The client will find out everything he wanted about the product and will not go to competitors for information and purchases.

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How is your online showcase designed?

The catalog of goods on the site is like a showcase in a classic store. There is a counter there, and visitors cannot pick up the product to view it like in a supermarket. It depends on how it is laid out whether they buy it or go to self-service points. So filling the product cards of online stores directly affects sales. The task is to show the product in such a way that people would like to buy it without picking it up.

Layout secrets.

Ideas for attractively positioned in-store products apply to an online storefront:

  • It is clear what is where: Shelves are signed with small banners or signs. You can see where is bread, where is candy, and where is dairy products. The catalog in the online store is structured thematically, by product group or by purpose.
  • There is enough space for each position, you can see what the price tag applies to it, the name and numbers are written legibly. Filling of product cards for online stores is carried out in such a way that the image, name, main characteristics and cost are visible in the listing of the catalog in the preview of positions. This way the customer can get an idea of the product without clicking.
  • The seller kindly answers all questions about the product: shelf life, composition, application. At the request of the visitor, he allows him to hold the product in his hands, if this is acceptable: consider the quality of pasta, read the description on the packaging of baby food or the composition of the shampoo. In the online store, the main seller is the product card. It should contain everything a customer needs to know about a product in order to want to buy it right away. And it is important to make sure that the connection works quickly: managers answered questions or called back upon request.

How we design an online showcase.

The service of filling an online store is not a mechanical, but a research and creative process. It is important to take into account the specifics of the business, target audience and products. We prefer the following content of the online store catalog:

  1. Analysis of the business niche, the activities of the client and his competitors.
  2. Marketing strategy development.
  3. Create a logical directory structure.
  4. Registration of characteristics, descriptions of goods, images.
  5. At the request of the customer, a blog about products is drawn up.
  6. As an additional service, we conduct A / B testing of catalog design options in order to choose the one that users like best.

The comprehensively thought-out content of the website of the online store makes it an attractive showcase where the visitor can view the product, pick it up, albeit virtually. Such remote work filling an online store is the development of a business on the Internet.

Let the catalog, designed for your target audience, become your online sales tool!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ I was looking for information about filling an online store price and did not find it. What are the prices?

Each project is individual, the cost for filling an online store is different. Please contact us and we will quote a price for your project.

✔️ What factors add up to the price of filling an online store with goods?

How much does it cost to fill an online store depends on the number of positions, type of product, number of images, description volume and characteristics, etc.

✔️ Is it possible only to design a ready-made directory structure? What is the price for filling the catalog of an online store?

Yes, we issue product cards when the catalog structure is ready. We can tell you the cost of filling an online store with goods by phone or by correspondence. Each task is assessed individually.

✔️Can you find out what price per item is for filling an online store with goods?

It depends on the type of product and the volume of the product card. Please contact us and we will quote the item price for your site.

✔️ How long does it take to fill an online store?

On average 2 days. The timing of the work is determined by the number of goods, edits and donor sites. We will be able to indicate the approximate time for solving the problem at the stage of forming the technical task.

✔️ Is it possible to fill the website of an online store with a price list in the format of an Excel file?

I guess, yes. Usually, price lists contain all the necessary information. Send us a file and we will answer more precisely.

✔️ For me, filling the catalog of an online store led to the fact that the site began to load slowly. What is the problem?

Most likely, you have an incorrectly configured engine or weak hosting. We advise you to upgrade to a VPS or better hosting. You can also contact us, we will help you quickly solve your problem.

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