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Why is the formation of the semantic core of the site necessary?

formation of the semantic core of the site

Semantic core Are words that describe the activities of a company, its products and services. According to them, the search engine determines that the site matches the user's request. These are the main parts of the phrases that users enter in their browser search. Google and Yandex show websites that contain keywords on their first two pages. This means that they meet the needs of people looking for a product, service or information. If you do not use such "markers" for programs, it is impossible to get to the Top. This is the basis of SEO promotion.

formation of the semantic core of the seo site

What is important to consider when forming the semantic core?

These basic phrases reflect the interests of potential buyers. The more diverse and accurate they are, the wider the coverage of Internet users. If you collect all the realistic options, the system will show the site to a larger target audience. Using all the wording that users can enter, it will be possible to maximize the reach for key queries.

Clearing the semantic core of "junk" words that are not relevant to the system promotes promotion. The site is shown only for targeted requests. Semantics clustering is the distribution of words into semantic groups and the basis for creating seo content.

formation of the semantic core of the analyst's site

How to build a semantic core?

We will select keywords so that your website will be ahead of competitors in the Top. This will increase organic search traffic and increase sales. TopUser.PRO guarantees such results because our professionals:

  • get acquainted with the peculiarities of the client's business, agree on the task with him;
  • analyze a niche, study the pages of the customer's competitors;
  • form markers, highlight words and phrases that characterize the client's field of activity;
  • own the tools for parsing requests, so they collect all the appropriate options;
  • get rid of unnecessary words and phrases that do not contribute to promotion in search results;
  • group results into categories according to the intent or need of those for whom the web pages are intended;
  • finalizing the structure of the semantic core manually;
  • generate reports on the stages of work and provide them to the customer;
  • give advice on how to optimize your site using the resulting keyword list and offer such a service.
formation of the semantic core of the google site

A comprehensive approach ensures that the semantic core will cover all possible queries and will not be burdened with stop words that reduce rankings and take resources for non-targeted impressions. Such a basis will allow creating content that will both meet the interests of the target audience6 and be well ranked by search robots. This is the first necessity for successful SEO promotion. Fast way to the TOP of your site!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

formation of the semantic core of the site top

✔️ Why does the formation of the semantic core of the site sometimes require the use of interrogative words?

Google rates the words "how", "where" and others as a sign of audience interest. It is especially important to use them in questions along with the main keywords.

✔️ How, according to the results, which gave the formation of the semantic core of the site, to optimize your content for questions?

Use them in the text as rhetorical. Create a “Question - Answer” block.

✔️ What is the easiest tool for forming the semantic core of the site?

Google Keyword Planner. All such services are easy to use.

✔️ Are long tail keywords included when the site's semantic core is being formed?

Short formulations are basic. Long tail keywords are additional phrases. They are less commonly used in searches. Competition for them is lower. They are also used.

✔️ How does analytics influence the formation of the semantic core of the site?

Keyword research can help you “get into the heads of your customers” by finding topics to include in your content strategy. Once you know what your target audience is looking for, you can optimize your content to provide the answers they need.

✔️ How to properly supplement keywords with context, applying the formation of the semantic core of the site?

There is some useful advice. Look at the autocomplete results when you enter a word or phrase in the Google search box. This list changes as words are added to provide context.

✔️ What is the mistake of using keywords after the formation of the semantic core of the site is done?

Keyword oversaturation and unnatural use. They should be applied to people, not search engines.

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