How to attract customers to the website of an online store?

we increase the quality of traffic how to attract customers to your website

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One of the biggest challenges we face as marketers is attracting to our website or online store those who will definitely become customers. 

There is a common misconception among people in this profession, especially when they start working with a new system or methodology, that all traffic is good traffic. But this is not the case. Stable traffic is not a guarantee of increased sales.

Traffic can be an indicator that you are starting to see some kind of results, but it is much more important to look at additional metrics. For example, the conversion rates of visitors to leads. 

When it comes to traffic, quality is more important than quantity. 

If you can safely say that most of the traffic you send to your website converts to leads and then customers, then that's fantastic. But in most cases, examining your data will show that your traffic is not producing the results you thought you were.

So, how can you attract visitors who will become customers of your online store? 

Step 1. Determine your ideal website conversion path. 

Before developing any plans or strategies for your site, it's important to first understand how you want your site visitors to interact with your resource.

The purpose of the site is to show the value of your products and services to visitors. Ideally, this will turn them into customers. 

This is what this path might look like: 

  1. People have a question or need. 
  2. They are looking for answers on the Internet.
  3. Your site appears in search results. 
  4. These users click on a link to a blog you wrote about the topic and read it. 
  5. They click on the CTA at the bottom of the article leading to the premium content offer and fill out a form. 
  6. Visitors become contact persons in your system. They now participate in the sales process based on their level of readiness.
  7. They become your customers.
Web search

Step 2. Develop a customer image for your online store.

In order for visitors to come to your site and eventually become customers, you must first understand who these people are, what their habits and needs are.

You think through the images of your potential customers. They will guide the shaping of your content. This will help you create relevant and accurate content. He will accompany them at all stages of the sales funnel.

When defining a site's client image, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is their profession or position?
  • How do they define professional success?
  • What are their biggest problems?
  • What key ideas will resonate with them?
  • What online resources do they use?
  • How do they prefer to communicate: by phone, email, instant messengers, etc.?
  • What challenges do they face in their daily work?

Step 3. Develop a personalized keyword strategy.

Once you've clearly identified your buyers, you can start brainstorming suitable content ideas and keywords to attract them to your site. 

Have you already outlined their pain points and problems? What phrases will they enter into the search bar to find a solution? The answers to these questions will be part of your keyword strategy. 

When we advise our clients to choose keywords, we suggest using three main criteria:

three criteria for choosing keywords

Once you've compiled your keyword list, you can start planning your content strategy. Assign keywords to your blog posts, content suggestions, campaigns, web pages, and more. 

Step 4. Start blogging. This attracts customers. 

Now you know who you are targeting and what keywords you are going to use so they can find you. It's time to implement your strategy and develop your content. 

Blogging is a great way to drive qualified traffic to your website.

Here are some statistics to support this:

statistics on the importance of blogging

Blogging is a proven marketing strategy that drives business results. Every time you write a new blog post, you are adding additional content to your site.  

Google uses the date the site was last updated to determine search results. Plus, every blog post gives you another opportunity to be in the Top. 

You will need to decide how often you can blogging and stick to that schedule. Blogging won't give instant results. It takes time for your content to rank, but when it does, it's worth it. 

Step 5. Be active on social media.

Promoting your content on social media is another great way to get customers to your website or online store. Social media is a place where the exchange of opinions and information is encouraged. Through social media promotion, your content can gain wider reach. 

But we also know that it can seem overwhelming and daunting at first. If you are not currently active on social media, we recommend asking yourself these questions first: 

  • Where do your clients spend their time?
  • What platforms are they most active on?
  • Where do they most often share content and interact with their networks?
  • Where is the largest audience in your industry?

As you ask yourself these questions, you will begin to understand what channels your industry is actually operating on. 

It's not worth spending tons of time on Twitter if none of your potential customers or other influencers are on Twitter. You won't see engagement or ROI.

social media traffic source

Once you understand where you want to focus your attention from a channel perspective, develop an editorial social media calendar. This will help you stay on schedule. There are tons of tools out there that allow you to schedule social media posts in advance. And yet, you still have to spend time every day talking and interacting with others. 

Many people focus too much on publishing and promoting their own content. While this is important, social media is a place where sharing other people's content is also important. 

You can leave blog posts with additional thoughts and questions to keep your audience interested. It is also worth sharing industry news with your subscribers and commenting on other people's posts.

Step 6. Paid advertising on Google. 

Organic traffic is a great way to attract potential customers of your online store. But this ranking for super competitive keywords can take time.

Paid advertising can help expand your inbound content, helping you succeed in search results and boost your domain authority. 

This can be done through paid search, paid social media, and display campaigns. 

Your paid advertising efforts must be targeted and measurable. Make sure you pick the right keywords for your content and your buyers. 

Let's summarize how to attract a client. 

Now that you've brought visitors to your site, your job isn't finished yet. Reading a single article probably won't convert right away. Doesn't mean it can't happen. In most cases, it will take more than one great article to convert traffic to customers. 

After creating content to attract people to your site, you should give leads more relevant content in their inboxes. You can invite them to subscribe to receive your content on a regular basis, whether monthly or weekly.

Another important part of the process is making sure that you are updating the published content on your site. This is good for both Google rankings and your buyers. 

All of this will help you build relationships with your site visitors until they are ready to become your customers.

Based on materials from the site:

❺ How to attract a client to fill out a Lead form?

Use a lead magnet: a bonus or a gift for submitting a form. For example, an e-book or an article.

✓ How to choose a paid advertising method to attract customers?

Look at the statistics for your segment, what is used. Decide on your goals. Make trial campaigns.

❺ I don't have time to blog! What to do on the site?

Hire a copywriter or content manager. You will not be able to increase traffic and site attractiveness without quality content.

✓ What is a CTA for website customer acquisition?

Site element that contains a call to action. This is often a button. This is the main element of the site for the visitor to become a client.

✓ How to attract buyers to your online store?

5 ways to attract your target audience to your online store.
Create an attractive and original design.
Provide quality social media promotion.
Optimize the service.
Organize promotions.
Organize a promotional mailing.

✓ How can I promote my online store?

7 Marketing Tactics To Promote Your Online Store
1. Use a mailing list (and keep growing).
2. Boost your organic social presence.
3. Optimize your site with SEO.
4. Create interesting, useful content.
5. Try Google Ads.
6. Advertise your website on social media.
7. Collaborate with additional brands.

✓ How can I advertise on the Internet for free?

7 ways to promote your business on the Internet for free. Take advantage of major local listing services.
Use social media actively.
Start a blog.
Submit your media to YouTube and Flickr.
Optimize your site with SEO.
Write press releases.
Join the relevant online community and contribute.

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