How do I increase my conversion rate? 5 proven tips.

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate 5 Proven Tips

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The digital world is becoming more complex and crowded. Reach high conversions it's getting harder. People are looking for options. You are competing with anyone who creates content in the same space as you.

If you understand how media has evolved, people's preferences and how you can satisfy them, you can significantly increase your conversion rate and grow your business. 

Here are five solid tips to boost your conversion rates.

1. Use testimonials as social proof.

Testimonials from your customers are gold because they inspire confidence in the company and products among visitors. The more narrative and personal they are, the more likely they are to entice people to buy.

You need more than just visibly posted reviews of your website. They can also be used strategically in any conversion-oriented communication. This can include sales, registrations for events, and emails to customers. 

Here's a great example of one of them:

Amazon uses customer reviews to sell books in its bookstores:

Amazon leverages customer reviews of products by placing them on price tags in storefronts

Tips for Collecting and Using Feedback:

  • Even if your customers are happy, few of them are likely to take the trouble to leave a review. However, they willingly share their happy experiences on social media.
  • Use keyword alert tools to keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand. This way you can collect positive mentions and turn them into powerful characteristics of your company.
  • Use visual effects. Photos of happy customers are good, and videos or live streams are great. Visual testimonials are more convincing.
  • Try to find and use dialogues in which clients discuss the benefits of problem solving that you know your clients have.

2. Use personality, visuals and video to create a connection.

The biggest lack in digital technology is the human presence. This is why people today are more isolated and suffer from loneliness, even though we live in the most “connected” period in human history. 

The typical business experience that many brands provide is devoid of connection and human factors. Some companies do it very well, and people love them for it.

Entrepreneurship coach and host of MarieTV, Marie Forleo, answers the questions her audience asks through video. It's a great way to strengthen a human bond..

Here are some tips to “humanize” your brand and connect with your audience:

  • Build a brand personality and stick to it.
  • Use humor, wit, and inspiration.
  • You can use videos to simulate face-to-face interactions with products like Tagove. It allows you to offer real-time video assistance to customers. You can do a lot of different things on video: interviews with experts and celebrities, entertainment videos, news, product support, etc.
  • Communicate with your audience on social networks, conduct live broadcasts with answers to questions, show the process of your company and its results. 

3. Make a purchase and register Uber-Simple.

The eight-second attention interval has become a popular concept nowadays. In 2015, a Canadian media agency conducted a survey that found people now have less focus than goldfish!

How many times do you check your smartphone every hour? While using it, how often do you get distracted by notifications? We live in a world where millions of information flows constantly attract our attention. It's unreasonable to expect your audience to pay more than 8 seconds of attention to you.

Create registration forms that are short, less verbose, and not demanding. The fewer margins and obstacles an audience faces, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Remember, more fields = more effort = more stops and abandoned carts.

Here's a great example of a streamlined signup form that yields 46% conversions. The website prompts visitors to choose from four well-defined areas. This makes it easy for the visitor to find what he needs:

use contrast to draw attention

Tips to simplify the buying process:

  • Ask to fill in only the email address or 2-3 more absolutely necessary fields. You can add additional questions that will appear after the purchase or registration. Make them optional for answers.
  • Automatically generate usernames, passwords, billing details and anything else you can safely manage.
  • Make sure you have tech support so that response load times don't test the patience of your potential customers.

4. Strive for minimalism in the design of the content of your web pages.

One experiment by MECLabs shows an increase in conversion on the 681% when switching to a 1-column layout from a 2-column layout. The minimalist design is attractive.

"The obvious always wins" - Luke Wroblewski. 

The content of web pages should be obvious and understandable. Only say what you need to say. Don't make too many elements in one place.

Many people spend weeks testing their home pages. They tinker with every button and menu, picking the easiest version to work with, as much as possible.

Tips to Increase Conversion of Web Page Content:

  • Apply KISS - Keep It Simple Silly. Anything that doesn't go directly into the conversion funnel and complicates the process is optional.
  • When writing content, stick to the main idea. Make sure your final draft is visually appealing and easy to read. Use images whenever possible.
  • Do an A / B test. Check everything: colors, fonts and content.

5. Create an A / B tested lead collection form.

To avoid losing visitors leaving your website, you can create a system to capture at least their email address before they disappear forever.

However, the forms of generating leads are not easy. They can be annoying if not properly designed and used.

Successful Lead Capture Forms have the perfect low-commitment proposition, effective referral that leads to your core product.

a great example of a lead magnet it has one required field only the most necessary

Tips for creating a lead generation form:

  1. Keep your message short, non-commercial, and persuasive. 
  2. Decide on the best value proposition that your audience will be happy to acquire. If you're a digital marketing agency, you can offer a full brand audit at a low cost or a free eBook in exchange for a visitor's email address.
  3. You can even direct users from one form of lead generation to another by optimizing the path between them.

Bottom line.

Nowadays, the noise from the excess of information is a common occurrence. People struggle with the prospect of dealing with too many options. You need minimalistic yet powerful content and design to increase your conversion rate... This article offers five of the easiest and most basic ways to achieve this. Curious to know which of these tips have been most effective?

Based on materials from the site:

✔️ What is Lead?

This is the visitor who left their contact details in the form.

✔️ What is the best way to design a survey in the form?

Multiple Choice.

✔️ Where is the best place to post a review?

On the page with a product or offer.

✔️ What is the best design avoidance?

Superfluous details in the text and variegation. It distracts users.

✔️ What is a good conversion rate?

A good conversion rate is over 10% and some businesses have an average of 11.45%.

✔️ Why am my conversion rate dropping?

These could be some of the obvious culprits for dropping your website's conversion rate - website redesign, landing page change, new offers, prices, promotions or sales.

✔️ What is the average website conversion rate?

Website conversion rates may vary slightly depending on the industry and business model. However, overall ecommerce conversion rates are lower, ranging from 1.84% to 3.71%, while average conversion rates across industries range from 2.35% to 5.31%.

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