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On-page behavior factors increase sales and search visibility.

Studying the causes of bounce rates and reducing their number.

Optimizing the CTR of snippets in search results.

Increasing the time a user spends on the site.

Optimization of the user's viewing depth.

Analysis of the social component on the site.

Improving user paths before taking an action.

Traffic analysis and website optimization for social groups.

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SEO promotion by behavioral factors.

SEO Optimization in 2020 has changed a lot towards improving behavioral factors... Links continue to play an important role, but they are no longer enough, as well as proven techniques for working with keywords to hold the first positions.

SEO in 2021 will take into account many behavioral factors on the site: 

  • Number of rejections. (Bounce Rate)
  • Depth of views.
  • Traffic sources.
  • The download speed of the first content in the browser.
  • Behavior on the page. Scrolling and heatmaps.
  • Time spent on the site and on the page.
  • Returns to search.
  • And other factors of user behavior. 

More and more, Google wants to show the user not only high-quality content, but also sites that are easy to read and navigate.

High behavioral characteristics will become one of the top ranking factors in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ What does improving behavioral factors affect?

Sales and search visibility.

✔️ Does the improvement of factors affect the increase in the time a user spends on the site?

Yes. It really increases the residence time.

✔️ Is it imperative to improve behavioral factors on the site?

High behavioral characteristics will be the most important ranking factors in 2021.

✔️ How can a professional conduct behavioral improvement?

The expert studies the reasons for refusals and analyzes the social component on the site.

✔️ What are some examples of intrinsic behavioral factors on the site?

Internal behavioral factors include the number of visitors and pages viewed, site popularity, bounce rate, traffic ratio, pageview time, and visitor return to a resource outside of search.

✔️ Where does the information about behavioral change come from?

This data comes from analytics systems, browsers, search results pages, and so on ..

✔️ What are the ways to improve behavioral factors?

Optimization of the mobile version. Create an attractive snippet. Reduced loading times. Removing unnecessary requests. Increased TypeIn-traffic.

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