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Signs of good behavioral factors that we will provide on your site:

High traffic to the site.

Most visitors stay on the page for more than 15 seconds.

Internal referrals show user engagement.

Users bookmark the link and return to the site.

A snippet that gets clicked more often than competitors' snippets.

Direct transitions.

Your site's content is the kind that users share.

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Improving Site Behavioral SEO Factors

How to influence user behavior?

Search engines evaluate the site's relevance to the needs of the audience not only by keywords. They track how users inflate themselves in SERPs and on web pages.

improved behavioral factors

What are seo behavioral factors?

These include all user actions: when they select a link in the search results, what they do on the site and after visiting it. How quickly do they leave the site? Does it save it to browser bookmarks? Are you sharing links to articles or sections of the website on social media?

User behavior can be influenced by making the site useful and interesting for the target audience and by optimizing the technical characteristics of the site.

improving behavioral factors on the site

Internal behavioral factors.

 These are SEO ranking factors, what in the site itself affects the actions of users and shows the degree of their involvement:

  • Length of page view. If it is at least 15 seconds, Google rates the site as interesting. We fill the site with engaging and useful content, and this way we keep the attention of visitors.
  • Depth of view - the transitions of visitors through the pages of the web site. If users navigate the site, the search engine perceives this as engagement. We form the structure of the site so that users would like to navigate through its sections.
  • Site activity: comments, likes. If the user takes the time to leave a review, then the system perceives the site as useful for the audience. We write such articles that visitors want to express their opinion and generously give them likes.
  • Lead forms, promotions, reward polls, callback forms, etc. engage visitors in activity.
  • Attractive and user-friendly design. Google evaluates the usability of a website based on visitor behavior. This is an important ranking factor.
improving behavioral seo factors

Technical influence on behavioral factors.

This is work on the elements of the site, both in its structure and in how it looks in the SERP:

  • Eye-catching snippet: icons, images, message about the site's content attract users and let them know that this site has what they are looking for.
  • Improving website performance. When loading a site in a few seconds, a high bounce rate.
  • Eliminate inappropriate requests. Careful selection of keywords. If there is no response to the request on the site, the user will leave the site. If the site sells inflatable boats, then the request for "wooden boats" will be inappropriate and will increase rejections.
  • Optimized mobile version of the site. If the site is inconveniently displayed on a smartphone, a large audience of mobile users will be eliminated.
seo factors

We take a holistic approach to improving behavioral factors. We analyze the site of the client and his competitors. We identify what reduces the activity of visitors, we work it out so that traffic grows and users take targeted actions, show engagement. The site is not only promoted to the TOP, but sales are also growing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ How else can you improve seo factors?

Build external links, work out the page address, etc.

✔️ How to optimize keywords to increase seo ranking factors?

Use the services to select keywords for your target audience, add exclusions, and eliminate inappropriate queries.

✔️ How to check user behavior in order to perform improvement of behavioral seo factors?

Conduct A / B tests, use heatmaps, study social media pages of your target audience, and more.

✔️What is a user behavior model that influences seo factors?

It is a collection of the behavior of one user with similar patterns of behavior of other users.

✔️ What is User Behavior Analytics that measures improvement in behavioral ranking factors?

It is tracking, collecting and evaluating user data and actions using monitoring systems.

✔️ What are the benefits of user behavior data as seo factors?

Qualitative and quantitative data answers some of the questions that remain unanswered in traditional analysis, such as how and why users interact with your site the way they do.

✔️ How to track seo behavioral factors on website?

In Google Analytics, go to Behavior> Site Content> Exit Pages. This will give you a list of the most popular pages that users browse right before leaving your site.

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