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INCREASE CONVERSION Optimize your website design to improve the loyalty of your visitors and increase sales in the end.

GROWTH IN THE NUMBER OF LEADS Streamlining forms and calls to action. It will not only increase the number of leads, but also reduce the cost of acquisition.

Working with text and site navigation will increase the visitor's interest, as well as raise positions in search engines.

REDUCE Bounces Optimizing your site's pages will reduce the number of bounces on pages and in the basket, which has a positive effect on SEO as well.

QUALITY GUARANTEE We carefully approach the choice of partners and do not give empty promises.

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Increasing website sales: 4 ways.

There is no magic button by clicking on which profit will pour from the site to the owner's bank card in an endless stream. Increasing sales is a complex of work from internal optimization of a web platform to establishing external relations with potential customers, for example, lead generation. Some measures give results after a while, others - very quickly. Their common goal is stable sales growth. There are 4 main areas that need to be worked out in order for the site to bring more income.

increase wordpress sales

Increased conversion.

The task is not just to attract more visitors to the site, but to create conditions on it in order to encourage them to become customers. On web pages, everything is arranged for the visitor so that it is beautiful, understandable and convenient for him to achieve his goals. If a user is interested in a product, he will not buy it if it is difficult to find a form of payment or it will require filling in a lot of items. Therefore, we optimize the site:

  • We create a design that is attractive to the target audience.
  • We improve usability.
  • We simplify the interface while preserving its expertise.
  • We speed up the work of web pages, etc.
increase sales wordpress marketing

Lead generation.

Getting the contact details of site visitors is the main way to get in touch with them in order to convert them into customers. We think over what offer will induce them to fill out the lead form. We choose a concise call to action and encouragement that is beneficial for the target audience, but not costly for the business. We think over the form itself so that filling it out is not difficult for the visitor.

Increased page views.

Working with text and site navigation will increase the visitor's interest, as well as raise positions in search engines. The blocks are lined up in the sequence in which the visitor needs information. He does not have to look for where to continue reading or what actions to take next. Everything is intuitive or it is accompanied by pointers and tips.

Interesting and unique content that provides complete answers to the reader's questions keeps him on the site. He will not want to look for another source to find out more on a topic of interest to him. Thoughtful interlinking directs the user from one section to another within the site. This increases the depth of your browsing and the length of time you spend on the site.

increase sales wordpress optimization

Reducing bounce.

Optimizing site pages will reduce the number of bounces on pages and in the cart, which has a positive effect on SEO as well. When the site is working quickly, when placing a cart, information appears about what stage the purchase process is at, what else needs to be done and how, the visitor is directed to the target action.

The increase in website sales is achieved by these main methods of internal optimization. We use all modern methods and tools for developing site design, text content and usability of web pages. This optimization gives a stable long-term increase in income from the site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

increase in website sales optimization

✔️ When will an increase in wordpress sales give the first result?

It depends on many factors. On average - starting from 4 months from the start of optimization. Sometimes in a month.

✔️ Generating leads gives you a faster increase in website sales?

Yes, if the manager works competently with clients. You need a well-thought-out marketing strategy of correspondence with potential clients, and favorable offers for them.

✔️ Do you use contextual advertising that increases website sales?

Yes. We provide such a service. There is a section on our website where you can order the customization of contextual advertising.

✔️ What else does an increase in website sales give?

Improving the quality of customer service, quick response from support, dealing with negative reviews, blogging, social media pages, etc.

✔️ What indicator does an increase in website sales give?

Sales growth of 5-10% is generally considered good for large-cap companies, while sales growth of more than 10% is more achievable for mid- and small-cap companies.

✔️ How long can optimization take to increase sales of a wordpress site?

This is individual: it depends on the business niche. It is impossible to optimize a website for sales once and for all. The business is developing, the needs of potential customers are changing, new optimization tools appear. Content needs to be updated. Therefore, you need to improve the site regularly. An analysis of its characteristics is required every six months.

✔️ Does an increase in website sales affect ranking and promotion?

Yes, definitely. The optimized site ranks well and is promoted to the TOP.

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