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We will attract traffic to your site from all sources!
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The main ways to increase website traffic:

Optimization of low, medium and high frequency queries.

Adding FAQ.

Promotion in social networks.

Guest blogging.

Internal content marketing.

Checking the site for filters.

Optimizing web pages

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How to increase the number of visitors to your site: traffic sources and internal optimization of web pages.

increasing traffic and site page traffic

In order to collect the maximum possible number of visitors to the site, it is important to use all sources of potential customers. And this requires complex work both within the site and on external platforms. They also use advertising and social networks.

increasing site traffic

Main traffic sources.

Let's take a look at a few of the main places to find potential website visitors:

  • Pages in popular social networks. There, potential customers are interested in a product or service. It doesn't look like intrusive ads, they read about products and read reviews. Stories and posts are an opportunity to show the company's work process and its successful results.
  • A blog on the company's website with answers to questions, a description of the benefits of a product or advice on its use, not only encourages to buy a product, but also shows the competence of the seller or manufacturer.
  • Contextual advertising is a quick way to be on the first line of advertising search results.
  • Display ads will remind the target audience of your product when they watch a video or read something on the Internet.
  • Placing articles on the websites of experts in your business increases the credibility of your company and the attractiveness of your products.
increase in search traffic

Internal work on web pages to increase traffic to the site's page.

In order for the site to be well indexed, promoted to the TOP and visible to the target audience, the following work is carried out:

  • Optimization in accordance with the requirements of search engines.
  • Checking site navigation.
  • Correct use of keywords and queries of different frequencies. Expansion of the semantic core.
  • Adding a FAQ - question - answer block.
  • Checking for indexing problems and fixing errors.
  • Improving the structure of the site.
  • Replacing non-unique and outdated content with original and interesting material.
  • Regular publication of new articles on the site's blog, etc.
increase site traffic

When a site meets the technical requirements of search engines, it is also fast and easy for users to navigate. This is how visitors stay on web pages because they find what they need and understand where to read the information they need, find a product and how to complete a purchase.

There are many more ways to increase your website traffic naturally. We use all the means applicable for the business of each of our clients individually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

traffic increase

✔️ Why is the traffic to my site falling and it is necessary to order an increase in traffic?

The most common reason for the sudden drop in web traffic is a recent search algorithm update. Fines, redirects, wrong robots. TXT rules and ranking loss are all other legitimate reasons why you might see a drop in traffic.

✔️ How to see how much traffic has arrived when there is an increase in website page traffic?

Use website traffic inspection tools. There are many tools that will allow you to check the traffic to other sites. They include free and paid tools and estimate the number of visitors.

✔️ What types of websites provide a faster boost in website page traffic?

Written content is the most effective type of content for driving traffic to a website - 40.4 percent of respondents said so. 34,3% view video content as the most effective form of content to drive traffic to their site.

✔️ How else can I influence the increase in site traffic?

There are many ways. Here are three: 1. Make eye-catching headlines. 2. Leverage the power of video marketing. 3. Create educational content.

✔️ How can I increase the traffic of my Facebook page?

There are many ways. Participate in Facebook groups, exchange messages with other Facebook pages, publish posts multiple times a day.

✔️ How much does SEO affect increasing website traffic?

Those who invest in SEO get over 50% of total internet traffic. And if they rank on the first page, they see over 90% of that traffic.

✔️ What is a good growth saying to increase website traffic?

Website traffic growth will vary widely depending on the stage of the company and the audience. However, a monthly growth rate of 10-20% is generally considered a good guideline.

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