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Increase in conversions and sales.

  • Do you know your cost per conversion? If you don't, how will you know how much you can afford to invest in your site?
  • Do you track the quality of your requests as well as the quantity? A large number of potential customers from your site can be misleading if they are bad.
  • Do you track people who call by phone or email from your site, as well as those who fill out a contact form? They are taken into account for the conversion of your site.
  • Do you know the value of your website visitors? Low cost per visitor may be a sign that you are targeting the wrong type of people.

When it comes to conversion optimization, you have to improve your CRO step by step. 

How to increase the Conversion of your website or online store.

You submit the site for review. We do expert UX analysis to identify errors on the site and find options that can increase conversion.

After the analysis, we suggest making a number of changes to the site or optimizing certain pages and forms.

Based on the available templates and an agreement to improve the conversion, we connect software (if such analysis programs are not installed) to analyze the site.

We analyze on the site

  • Visitor audience and traffic sources
  • Number of orders per 1000 visitors
  • Page clicks
  • Departures from site pages
  • Refusals
  • Heat map
  • And other parameters

We increase the conversion by expert analysis and A / B tests of the site.

Having done a full Site Audit, we proceed to create a technical assignment, which changes need to be made and which pages to rework.

Site edits for A / B testing can be done by us.

Read on to learn more about testing. Or use a free consultation and a specialist will answer all your questions.

Stages of A / B testing.

How to evaluate the increase in conversion on the site?

  • Evaluating a key indicator Number of Conversions per 1000 visitors. If this indicator has increased, then our work is done.
  • Additionally, we look at what edits should be made if new aspects of user behavior were discovered. And we give back the amended TK to get the maximum result.
  • We make a control measurement after all the edits and this is where the work is completed, and the customer is guaranteed to receive an increase in conversion. If the conversion has not increased, we return the entire prepayment to the customer.

The job takes from two weeks to 1 month depending on the number of changes in the templates and on the quality of traffic.

💵What is included in the cost of increasing conversion and A / B testing of the site?

A / B testing includes the following works:

  • Setting up tools for testing:
    • Google Analytics.
    • Hotjar.
    • Google Optimize.
  • Development of ideas for testing.
  • Analysis of the results.
  • Full cost of A / B site testing from $100.
  • Documentation.
    • Agreement and annexes to the agreement.
    • A / B test report. PDF format.
A / B testing.

The calculation is based on the cost of $12.5 per hour of work.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

✓ What kind of specialists will be required to increase the conversion of the site?

Increasing website conversions requires Usability, UX specialists, and analysts.

✓ Why do A / B testing?

A / B testing is carried out with the aim of increasing conversions and sales.

✓ When to start increasing website conversions?

If the site is visited by more than 100 people per day, you need to start optimizing the conversion.

✓ How to start optimizing website conversions?

You need to start conversion optimization by analyzing website traffic and finding the reasons for low conversions.

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