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Internal SEO turnkey website optimization

What are the difficulties without internal optimization.

Our clients come to solve the following issues:

Website promotion takes from 6 months. Without internal optimization of the site structure, you will waste time and money.

You will gain an edge over your competitors.

Professional optimization thought out to the smallest detail.

  • The best SEO optimization on the market.
  • Unique analysis of your market by keywords.
  •  Saving money for promotion.
  • Turnkey work with no hidden fees.

Companies that create websites often do not know how or do not want to do an SEO structure for you. They slip in boxed versions without optimizing internal SEO.

Do I need to order Internal Website Optimization?

This is necessary under the following conditions:

Strategy is extremely important when planning the costs of a business. If you have a long term strategy, then a professional SEO terms of reference is a must for you.

An example of an Excel spreadsheet with a completed SEO site structure.

SEO Structure

Give the file to the programmers without changes. It contains:

  • Optimized Site URL, taking into account key queries. Nesting is maintained no higher than the third level. Transliteration, stop words and url length are taken into account.
  • Search Engine Optimized Titles for all pages of the site. The optimal length has been taken into account.
  • Optimized descriptions under a high click-through rate (CTR) in search engines. The optimal length has been taken into account.
  • If required, then the optimized ones are additionally registered in the table. H1 headers for all pages. H1 are sometimes written separately, if you want to shorten the length of the headings.

There is a solution.

Individual approach.

Internal optimization is a voluminous and complex work, but our specialists have coped with projects and more than 100,000 products.

Keep reading to learn more about our comprehensive SEO optimization service, or view our offer on SEO consulting.

If you are not sure what you need, then contact us right now.

How SEO is created Site structure.

Create a keyword field for your business.

We analyze demand and target audience:

  • Collection of keywords is done from Google, Yandex, Synonyms, LSI words and keywords from competitors' sites
  • By creating a table of key queries in Excel, where we add the entire semantic core of the site's subject matter

Working with a table of keywords in Excel.

We form the structure of the site. We assess whether there is a demand for a product or service, how users search for a product or service:

  • Filling in the list of Search queries by removing duplicates from the database
  • Highlight Structural Words to create categories. This is the most important part of the job.
  • Select the words that we will use in the texts
  • Filling out the LSI word sheet to expand the number of requests
  • Create a Synonyms sheet for heading relevance
  • We create Categories and their names to get the relevance of the entire site to the topic

Creation of the URL of the Site Structure.

We optimize the collected data into a single system for the user and search robots at the same time:

  • Top navigation (Main navigation)
  • Side Navigation (Secondary Navigation)
  • Nesting levels
  • Reproduction options for pages
  • Remove Duplicates

We create Optimized SEO URLs taking into account:

We carry out additional optimization based on the created site structure and clean up inaccuracies:

  • Keywords
  • Length
  • Stop words
  • Transliteration
  • No duplicate pages
  • We give recommendations on choosing a domain name and subdomains

Internal Optimization of the Main, Categories and Site Pages. Title, Description, Titles and Text.

We do SEO optimization of the website pages separately to take into account all the factors:

  • Recommendations on how to optimize text on pages using a ready-made database of Synonyms and LSI words
  • Registering Tags
  • Title of the page. The most painstaking work and takes a long time
  • Description. Takes a lot of time, but unlike creating titles, you can experiment
  • H1 headers
  • Recommendations of Texts per page and pictures

Optimization of internal links. Internal optimization of the site structure.

The last stage of optimization, based on the already made site structure and optimized pages, we make smart linking for robots:

  • Link headers
  • Number of links
  • Text around links
  • List of links and pages to close from search engines

After the completion of all the work, we give you the finished technical task. All that remains is for you to select the Selling design. UX development services We provide a template for the site separately.

Having on hand such a deep analysis of the niche of keywords and the created SEO task of the site, will allow you to save Money and Time for website promotion.

The template shown in the example. The customer spent $1000 over the years on links. The first place in terms of traffic in the market among its competitors.

💵 What is included in the cost of internal SEO website optimization?

Internal SEO optimization includes the following services:

  • The creation of a semantic core takes from 8 to 50 hours.
  • Assessment of competitors. Study of competitors' search queries.
  • Creation of SEO structure of a multi-page site. From 50 hours.
  • Total cost of internal SEO site optimization from $725.
  • Documentation.
    • Agreement and annexes to the agreement.
    • Semantic core. Excel format.
    • SEO site structure. Excel format.
    • Competitor evaluation report. PDF format.
Internal SEO optimization

The calculation is based on the cost of $12.5 per hour of work.

We provide training.

Are you building sites or want to improve your site. For all services provided on the site, we can agree on course of study or give individual lectures.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

✔️ What problems does internal optimization solve?

Internal optimization allows you to reduce the cost of promotion, while maintaining, and often increasing the number of visitors.

✔️ How does structure optimization affect the site?

Optimization of the site page structure allows better indexing for targeted queries.

✔️ Is it worth it to carry out internal website optimization?

Yes, if you do not want to overpay tens of times more than your competitors for promotion.

✔️ Have you done internal website optimization in my niche?

Yes, we were engaged in internal optimization of sites in your niche. Our team has more than 10 thousand projects experience.

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