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Комплексный анализ приложения.

Написание технического задания для исправления ошибок

Цель работы:

  • Увеличить количество загрузок
  • Повысить позиции по запросам
  • Увеличить конверсию


15 рабочих дней.

SEO ТЕКСТ для поисковых систем

Mobile app audit helps!

Identify the difficulties faced by the users of the application.

Learn how to make your app more customer-friendly.

Increase user engagement with the web product.

Determine why customers stop using the application.

Modify the web resource to increase the number of regular users.

Increase conversion.

Make the app better than the competition.

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How do users rate your mobile app?

Mobile Application Audit

You have created the ideal web product in your opinion. Perfect for you as a developer, or convenient and suitable for those who will be working with him? Why not ask the users for their opinion?

Audit to help.

Checking the usability of a mobile application, the speed and quality of its work will show whether users will like it. Testing will figure out what to fix or improve to get an app that people will want to use. And if the app is already available to the audience, but there is no expected conversion, the review will reveal the reasons for this.

You can define:

  • Does the program have an attractive design?
  • Is the structure logical? Is it clear to users?
  • How fast is the application? How long does it take for customers to solve their problems with this application?
  • Is it convenient for users to work with the product?

What mobile app audit do we offer?

  • Let's run analytics to identify problems.
  • Let's compare your application with the development of competitors.
  • We will conduct A / B testing of application elements from design to functional. It will show what users like about development and what they don't.
  • Let's identify errors in the program.
  • Let's perform a web application security audit.
  • Let's determine what prevents to increase the conversion of a mobile application.
  • We will provide a list of problems according to the degree of criticality and urgency for correction.
  • We will offer a solution for each problem. We are ready to make the necessary changes to the application if you wish.

We have an individual approach to each project. We carry out some checks as usual, and some more deeply, sometimes we perform additional analysis. We run some types of testing several times to get accurate results. We discuss all stages of the audit with the client. Let your mobile app be the best!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ How is the ux audit of the application design carried out?

We engage target audiences and apply A / B testing to get results with real users. We also use a verification tool.

✔️ How long does a usability audit of a mobile application take?

This is individual. About 3 weeks, maybe more or less. Please contact us and we will tell you the duration of your task.

✔️ What is included in a web application security audit?

Testing the internal security system, how the application will react to program attacks, whether it is easy to hack user accounts, etc.

✔️Do you audit desktop applications or enterprise back-end applications?

Yes. Please contact us and we will offer an individual audit for your developments.

✔️ How do you audit a mobile app?

Android applications are audited using a static and dynamic analyzer. We use Drozer to find vulnerabilities in Android applications. An iOS application is audited through static analysis.

✔️ How much does a mobile app audit cost?

We offer reasonable rates. Contact us by phone or through the website to clarify the cost of working with your resource.

✔️ We want to audit a mobile application that runs on Android and IOS, and has the same functionality on both platforms. Can I check only one application to save money?

Can. In this case, we recommend that you audit your Android mobile application. This platform provides more freedom. However, we have to warn you that this approach increases the risk of error.

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