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Search engine optimization of the main page is:

SEO audit.

Checking the technical condition of the page.

Correction of errors in the structure of the web page.

Increased usability.

Adaptation of the page for mobile devices.

Updating text content and images.

Creation of internal linking and meta tags.

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Optimizing the home page of a wordpress site: 2 preparatory steps.

optimization of the main page of the site

"They are greeted by their clothes" - this saying also applies to the main page of the site. After all, it is it that most often visitors see first and on it they form an impression of the company's business. Therefore, special attention is paid to its optimization: so that it is in the TOP and users like its "face". Before doing any optimization work, we ask ourselves two questions.

seo page optimization

What do successful competitors look like?

This is the first thing we investigate before optimizing the homepage:

  • what are their texts in terms of size and content, how keywords are distributed in them, whether they are in headings;
  • how internal and external links are arranged, where they lead;
  • copyright or stock images on the pages;
  • what is the structure of the page, what the blocks look like, what kinds of menus are used, etc.

This shows how leader pages are arranged. What the system rates as attractive. Taking the best design and seo ideas in the business niche, we bring them to the customer's home page. We adopt the trends of style, "make-up, hairstyles" - the appearance of the "face" of the sites approved by the system.

internal page optimization

Homepage optimization: what needs to be improved?

This is the second question we are investigating. We compare the characteristics of the main pages with the seo requirements and "fashionable" trends for Google for this business niche in design and functionality. Then we define a work plan and agree on it with the customer.

seo optimization of landing pages

We consistently bring the home page in line with the "beauty standards" of search engines. Then she not only passes the "face control", but is also liked by potential clients. Its design, usability and a simple way for the client in solving his problems in a complex induce the visitor to become a buyer or customers of services. And this is the main task of seo - to increase your income.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

seo website page optimization

✔️ What other elements does homepage optimization involve?

Some elements of a great website home page design include your logo, brand information, social proof, and an introduction to your team and products. Much depends on the specifics of the business.

✔️ How much content should be on the homepage when the homepage optimization is generated?

It is generally recommended to have at least 300 words of content on your homepage, however, if you are targeting a competitive keyword, a minimum of 1,500 words should appear in your homepage content. For best results, make sure your keyword density is between 2% and 5%.

✔️ How do I optimize my WordPress site speed when optimizing my site's home page?

Upgrade your WordPress site, don't upload audio / video files directly to WordPress, use the CDN content delivery network.

✔️ What else can you do on WordPress when optimizing your WordPress homepage?

Many additional works can be carried out. For example, create XML sitemaps and organize your content with categories and tags.

✔️ Which WordPress theme is best for SEO when home page optimization is underway?

This is individual. Divi.Divi is considered to be the best selling WordPress theme built with SEO in mind. MH.MH Magazine is a WordPress theme perfect for websites that regularly post a lot of content.

✔️ What is an SEO friendly theme that WordPress home page optimization uses?

The one that supports the elements that are important for seo. For example, where you can add a Google map, a subscription form and a panel with social media buttons.

✔️ Does WordPress require coding when optimizing the homepage?

Some coding elements can be helpful when making changes to your site. Full coding is not required.

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