SEO optimization

Best Cases of the Internet Market

Site Audit

Example of SEO / UX Site Audit.

Example of site evaluation by the TOPUSER team. The analysis of all pages of the site has been carried out. Fixed SEO optimization bugs. Find solutions for Usability. Increased profits by 30%

Snippets for online stores 5 essential elements

Snippets for an online store. Advanced Google snippets.

Google snippets in an online store are one of the best tactics for increasing the visibility of your products. Such an attractive design of the site in the search results increases the number of clicks CTR, which increases income. This tactic is effective, fast, and easy to implement.

35 SEO life hacks to rank at the top in 2020

35 SEO life hacks. TOP 10 in 2020/2021.

Are you seizing all the opportunities to keep your business in the Top in 2020? Search engine and digital marketing algorithms are constantly changing. If you use SEO hacks, you can get ahead of the competition this year and next.

12 tips for inbound marketing and SEO.

12 tips for Inbound Marketing.

The popularity of Inbound Marketing as a medium that fosters exponential growth in a business's ability to attract customers and establish its brand as a leader in its space has certainly increased over

how to recognize bad SEO links and disavow them

How to recognize bad SEO links?

In this article, I will talk about disavowing bad or unnatural links. This is to keep your site's reputation clean. This way you can avoid being blocked by Google.

19 useful SEO tips

SEO tips to increase organic traffic to Google.

Ranking high on the search engines is tough. If you're struggling to get started with SEO or want to build an existing campaign, check out this list of SEO tips I've compiled based on my experiences over the past few years.

SEO service trends in 2020.

SEO Trends in Google 2020/2021.

In this article, I will talk about what awaits SEO services in 2020 and how these factors will change the way we formulate strategies over the next year and beyond.

SEO services. Results of 2019.

We surveyed 1,200 business owners to better understand the current state of the SEO services industry. In this new report, you will find out: How much people are spending on SEO. Where are people

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