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Your profitable landing page:

Will attract the attention of the target audience.

Delay and enthrall.

It will tell you everything a visitor needs to know about a product or service to want to buy.

Will prompt you to take the action you need.

Visitors will fill out a feedback form and the number of leads will grow.

Guests will go to the main site or checkout on the landing page.

An increase in the number of customers - an increase in sales!

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A small one-page, but a remote one!

One-page website development

The more complex and informative the site, the more sales? A simple one-page website is created just for a sales proposal. It is a targeted sales tool.

Landing page features.

It is a specialized tool for successful marketing. A good one page site offers a specific product or service:

  • It attracts with its image and stylish design, sometimes surprises with its bright and non-standard design.
  • Tells about the product everything that the visitor needs to know in order to make the right choice.
  • Unobtrusively encourages action.
  • Offers a simple form to fill out.

We develop the structure of the landing page so that it loads quickly, the transition to the main site occurs instantly after clicking on the appropriate button. The safety of personal data of users is guaranteed by a reliable security system.

Stages of work on a landing page.

  • Analysis of the target audience and study of the features of the client's business.
  • Development of structure and design.
  • Coordination of the site prototype with the client.
  • Landing page launch.
  • If the customer wishes, we can connect an advertising campaign to the site to generate leads, seo-optimize it.

Landing page, one-page site - source of leads, leads and direct sales. A well-designed landing page is an online store created for a specific product. It has everything for a visitor to make a purchase right away. Dozens of landing pages can be created for each product unit that is in demand on the market. More one page sites - more sales!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ I can't understand why there is no single rate for the request 'one-page website development price'?

Studios have their own methods and pricing. Choose the best value for money. We are ready to discuss the cost of your project. We have affordable prices.

✔️ How long does it take to create a one page landing page?

It depends on its complexity and purpose. 5 to 14 days on average.

✔️ If a one-page website has already been created, can sales from it be optimized?

Yes, we can work with a ready-made landing page.

✔️One-page site, project design can be done according to our plan?

Oh sure. We always take into account the wishes of our clients. We can exactly implement your plan into a high-quality landing page.

✔️ I want to order a simple one-page website, on what platform will it be created?

We use WordPress CMS for the development of one-page sites. This platform is very popular and allows you to work with any kind of website.

✔️ Tell me, is the development of a one-page site carried out using a ready-made template?

In no case. When creating a website, we develop a unique design taking into account modern trends and your personal wishes.

✔️ If you create a one-page website for me, can the design of such a page be changed later?

Of course. You can make the appropriate adjustments during the development of the site or after a while.

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