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Изучение поведения пользователя на страницах сайта.

Техническое задание для дизайнера и верстальщика.

Цель работы:

  • Увеличить продажи сайта
  • Уменьшить количество отказов
  • Выявить проблемные элементы дизайна сайта


5 working days

SEO ТЕКСТ для поисковых систем

Do users like your website design?

Color palette testing.

Checking the appearance and arrangement of elements on pages.

Evaluation of the design of forms for filling.

Checking the quality of images and their correspondence to the subject of the site.

Testing the download speed and display performance of video content.

Analysis of fonts for readability.

Design assessment on mobile devices.

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Let your website design be the best version of it!

Site design audit

The web designer has carefully worked out the appearance of the pages, you are happy with the result. All that remains is to make sure that the design meets the business objectives, directs visitors to the goal you want and they like them.

What to check?

  • Color palette - combination and saturation of colors. Are they harmonious? Not too bright? Are the contrasts winning or repulsive?
  • Decoration of page elements. What is the shape of the text blocks? Does it go well with the style of the site?
  • What do filling forms look like? Attractive? Is the text clearly visible? Are the data entry fields visible?
  • Do the images fit the theme of the site? Is the quality of the photos good? Do they match the color scheme?
  • What is the video format? Is the resolution good?
  • Are the fonts easy to read? Are the letters well drawn, are they large enough?
  • How does the design look on smartphones and tablets? Are the elements and text in them shifting?

What does design analysis give?

It detects errors and flaws in the design of web pages. Together with the test results, we offer solutions for each item. This is a work plan to improve the design of your website. You can follow it and improve the appearance of the web pages yourself or contact us. We will optimize the platform in accordance with the results of the design analysis, using the most appropriate tools for this, use our experience and creativity.

The more attractive your site looks, the more visitors it will attract with just one of its design. It is he who creates the first impression of the website, forms a reputation at first glance. The quality and professional development of the design is immediately visible. We will work out the design of your site so that it becomes the best version of ourselves!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ How do you organize and design an audit?

We study the business niche, competitors' design options, check the design of our client's site, apply A / B testing, provide a report with recommendations.

✔️ I am looking on the Internet for an example website design audit, and I see different proposals Why?

Studios have a different approach to auditing and offer different sets of services. You can contact us and we will select design testing specifically for your project.

✔️ How long does a design audit take?

It depends on the size of the site and the business niche. Please contact us and we will tell you the deadline for your task.

✔️How often should you conduct a design audit?

Before the launch of the site, a couple of months after, after making changes to the architecture or design, once a year for control. Everything is individual.

✔️ If I order a website design audit from you, what information will be present in the report?

We will provide you with a list of website design problems. In addition, we will give recommendations on how to eliminate errors and problems.

✔️ Our site is not completely ready yet. Can we order a design audit from you?

Usually, this work is carried out only on configured sites. But you can provide us with a layout of the developed web product and we will definitely help you with the analysis of the design.

✔️ How important is a website design audit?

Auditing is an important part of the design evaluation and structuring process. It ensures that your customers receive the same message at every touchpoint. A design audit can also help determine if the functionality of a website or application is appropriate for the growth of an organization.

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