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Изучение поведения пользователя на страницах сайта.

Цель работы:

  • Увеличить продажи сайта
  • Уменьшить количество отказов
  • Выявить проблемные элементы дизайна сайта


2 рабочих дня.

SEO ТЕКСТ для поисковых систем
Table of contents

What problems will the heatmap analysis reveal?

The goal of heatmap analysis is to increase conversions.

Heatmaps for analysis are used by all the leading Internet companies in the world. The simplicity and convenience of the tool made it very popular.

When is heatmap analysis of a website or online store needed?

Companies analyze the site on average once every six months.

Site heatmap analysis

Analyzing site heatmaps and assessing conversions allows you to fix design mistakes before you lose all your customers.

There is a solution.

Individual approach to each client.

Your problem will not be solved by an automated service that issues template solutions, but by a specialist.

Continue reading to learn more about the service and also view our full package Usability Audit... If you want to talk to a specialist, then use a free consultation right now.

Where can I get site heatmaps?

Only the Yandex.Metrica service provides heat maps for free.

Google Analytics does not provide heatmaps.

You can use paid services. We recommend creating the best heatmaps on services like Hotjar and Crazyegg.

Four (4) maps are required for each page on the site:

  1. Heatmap of Clicks on Mobile Devices.
  2. Heatmap of Clicks on Computers.
  3. Heat Map Scrolling on mobile devices.
  4. Heat Map Scrolling on computers.

If you do not have heat maps, then we will install analytics programs for you and create maps for you. 

Heatmap analysis.
The cost of work on setting up analytics $12.5 / hour

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Heatmaps (FAQ)

✔️ What is a Heat Map?

A heatmap is an analytical tool that shows user behavior on a page in different colors.

✔️ Why audit heat maps?

A heatmap audit provides a visual representation of the actions of most visitors on a page. A UX specialist can see the loss of potential customers and suggest solutions to retain visitors and increase conversions.

✔️ How to make your own heatmap?

Heatmaps are available for free in Yandex.Metrica or in paid tools such as Hotjar, Crazyegg. Google Analytics does not provide heatmaps.

✔️ How does a specialist interpret heatmaps?

The expert knows the scenarios of the behavior of users making purchases. Everything that departs from the script attracts the attention of an expert and an assessment of non-standard user actions is given.

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