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Техническое задание для дизайнера и верстальщика.

Включает в себя проверку на наличие SEO и UX ошибок и решения по их устранению.

Цель работы:

  • Увеличить трафик
  • Повысить позиции по запросам
  • Увеличить конверсию


5 working days

SEO ТЕКСТ для поисковых систем

Tests that every site needs:

Usability testing of a site is a test for user friendliness.

Site page testing.

Website speed testing.

Checking for errors, broken links and links to outdated pages.

Analysis of the site configuration.

Web platform performance testing.

Checking the site for vulnerabilities.

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Testing the main page of a site on WordPress.

site testing

The doctor always looks for the causes of the patient's ailments first. Only in this way can he diagnose and prescribe a suitable treatment. Testing a website is the first step in making web pages feel better because it reveals the causes of problems, errors, and lack of functionality.

site page testing

Types of testing web pages.

They carry out different checks, depending on the tasks. There are specific analytics, for example, A / B testing, which determines the most effective variant of the page design or the wording of the question in the call to action on the page. There are types of testing that are important to conduct for all web resources before launch and periodically during their operation. 

website testing

Several types of popular web page checks and their tasks.

  • Usability testing of a site shows whether the elements of web pages are convenient for users: menus, forms, gallery, call-to-action buttons, whether the text is clearly visible, etc. This is one of the key factors affecting site traffic and bounce rate. If the visitor is not comfortable working with the site, he will leave it.
  • Analysis of the site configuration or its functionality checks the correct operation of sections and elements of web pages, whether links lead to the same source, whether the shopping cart in the online store and the checkout window are working correctly.
  • Performance testing shows how a site performs under increased or overloaded load when traffic increases or the database becomes full.
  • UI testing of a site determines whether web pages comply with graphic design standards, how content is displayed on screens of different sizes and resolutions, how the site looks in different browsers, etc.
  • Vulnerability testing shows whether the site is reliably protected from attacks by bots, viruses, and cybercriminals stealing financial or other data.
website development testing

Such checks reveal the reasons why the site freezes or the traffic and conversion have dropped sharply. Testing is carried out not only for working sites. They also check web sites before launching them. This allows you to customize the web pages to avoid problems in the course of their work. In this case, the load, attacks by malefactors are imitated. Periodic testing is the first step in keeping your site healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

usability testing of the site

✔️ How to conduct a usability test when a website is being tested?

6 Steps to Conducting Website Usability Testing: 1. Determine what to measure. 2. Determine the best method. 3. Create a scenario for the task and set the success rate. 4. Find participants. 5. Conduct a test. 6. Analyze and report your findings.

✔️ How to evaluate usability when testing the usability of the site?

Reach out to a few trusted people - friends, family, a few clients - to test the usability of your site. Ask them to go through the site, fill out forms, make a purchase if they can. They should strive to do what a new user of your site might try to do.

✔️ How many types of site testing do types of testers use?

At least seven different types of testers. These are administrative, technical, analytical, social, empathic testers, user and developer.

✔️ When is site development testing done, what is tested first?

This is individual. Often static testing is done first.

✔️ When should we stop testing a site page?

Completion of functional and code coverage is done until a certain point. For example, when the error rate falls below a predetermined level and no high priority errors are detected.

✔️ What example of load testing does the site usability testing service use?

Testing a mail service with thousands of concurrent users. Testing the customer base by adding large amounts of data.

✔️ What is the difference between performance analysis and load checking when testing a website?

Performance testing is concerned with evaluating a system as a whole for performance and collecting metrics such as availability, response time, and stability. Load testing is a technique that tests whether an application can handle the expected load.

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