Visual methods of increasing the conversion of a website and an online store.

7 life hacks to boost conversions with visual effects

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A website visitor has a first impression of your website in just half a second primarily from visual effects. The person immediately determines whether your content is worth their attention or if it will be a waste of time for them.

This trend is likely to continue, since it is much more difficult to attract the attention of the younger generation. Graphics are exactly the thing with which you can definitely lure potential customers for growth. conversions and sales.

  • But how effective are graphic visual solutions?
  • Should we rely on them completely?

Let's take a look at 7 methods to improve website graphics and how to increase conversions.

work on web images

1. Finding the right balance on the site.

More visuals are better, right?

No, it’s not better.

Beautiful images, photos and screenshots can only attract visitors to your pages and "persuade" them to stay on them longer. However, all these elements by themselves are not able to induce a person to action.

For example, if you visit commercial sites, then it is much more important for you to have convenient navigation in their functionality than many beautiful images.

From personal experience, I will say that a person's attention to a website depends not only on one factor, but on their combination.

Images, photos and screenshots can only draw visitors to your page and "convince" them to stay for the moment, but they cannot replace the actions of the elements.

Good navigation is much more important on an online store website than good images.

In this regard, high-quality images are valuable, but only as one of the vital components. Make sure there aren't too many of them.

2. Photos, images or screenshots.

Visual effects are a must for web resources. But which solution will be more useful on your site?

They fall into three main groups:

  • photos,
  • illustrations or images,
  • screenshots.

Here's how you can use them to your advantage:

  • Photos:

digital photographs are widely used in the fashion and tourism industries. If you have the ability to photograph, there is no real reason for creating a graphic image, is there?

High quality photos can be as attractive as high quality images.

  • Screenshots:

Screenshots are used when we want to show something from the Internet or some other source.

They are the perfect solution for a step-by-step guide. Screenshots can show the visitor every stage of the journey visually. They are widely used in technology-related industries.

Sample page screenshot:

  • Images:

they mean graphics made in Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Photoshop or any other program. They are best suited for websites where the previous two solutions do not work.

For example, you can use it for articles describing the content creation process. Images are often used in cases where photography doesn't make sense - in case there is too much theory.

As you can see, each of these solutions is used according to the current situation. While photographs and screenshots seem much more actionable and descriptive, graphics have one big advantage. They are critical to the branding of a website, which we'll talk about later.

3. Images with messages as a method of increasing conversion.

Can these images be used for more than enriching your content and branding?

Yes, they can increase conversions!

They are the main ingredient for creating an emotional response in the reader. When you visit a website, there are a limited number of things you can see on the page.

If your page consists of text only, there is no way for a person to create an emotional connection with a blog. You must read the content before you can experience this feeling, right?

Images are a way to create a quick emotional response and connection to a website.

Let's say you work for a sports site in a specific city. Let's say in Belgrade.

All "Hurray!" the famous Red Star players in Belgrade, shown in the photo, will give the site the majority of its traffic.

image with famous people

By using graphic images or photographs of local heroes, you can create an emotional reaction in visitors and grab their attention. They will spend more time on the page looking at them.

Your graphic solution should create an instant emotional response. However, this post should be tailored for visitors.

Images or photographs shouldn't be just pleasing to look at. They have to "talk" to the person.

4. Is it worth redesigning the entire site or online store?

Most people building a website start with blogs, social media profiles, try to do a few backlinks, etc.

Graphic visual solutions get lost in the reshuffle, as site owners usually see them as expensive and unnecessary in the first place. One question arises. If you want to get to the next level, do you need to update your site?

3 things to consider to increase conversions:

  • First, you need to analyze your loyal visitors. Why are they coming to your site? They are more interested in articles, they would like to see the best site design or more visual solutions?
  • How important are images and photography to your niche? Need to convey a visual message?
  • Is your site commercial? If so, most of your visitors are likely to visit your website to shop. Improved visuals can improve conversion rates.

You can launch a successful website without investing too much in visuals. However, you should still add images to your articles to improve conversions and user engagement.

Before deciding whether to update your website, ask yourself: Why are you doing this? How will it improve your brand?

5. Graphic visual solutions as a branding tool.

Finally, we come to using graphic visuals as a branding tool to drive conversions.

If we are talking about a distinctive feature, it is a small logo that constantly appears on the pages or some other visual idea. They create an image, recognition.

It's hard to position your brand without any visuals. People may remember your post, but what are the chances that they will find your site if there are no images to lead them back to? It is easier for our minds to process visual information.

Here's Neil Patel, the man in the white pajamas, doing it right:

Neil Patel man in white pajamas

It's really hard to forget this guy in his pajamas, isn't it?

Or another example: Christoph K. Jumper - the man in orange.

Christoph K. Jumper the man in orange

Here are some visual tricks that can help your brand stand out:

  • Use the same color schemes, for example, clothes of the same color. This is Christoph K. Jumper's thing, what everyone remembers him for.
  • Create a sign to indicate that you are working in a specific niche.
  • Try to use similar types of images so it's obvious that they all come from the same domain.

6. How much should you spend on visuals for an online store?

Given the effect of graphical visual solutions, most people find it difficult to apply. However, they are willing to pay much more than required. In other words, it's really easy to overpay for this service and not get the expected boost in website conversions.

We are a global community and this is one of the services you can get for a low cost. You can check various websites like or Upwork and find someone who can do it very cheaply.

Alternatively, you can create some basic visuals yourself, as long as you get enough experience for more or until you have enough funds to hire a designer.

7. The real secret of visual effects.

Let's end this quick tutorial with this simple yet incredible trick.

You are probably thinking that the person who makes the designs and images must be really experienced. As in the previous point, this is one of the most common misconceptions.

You can do a lot with some basic charting tools. You don't need to be an expert in Photoshop or Illustrator to do wonders with images.

Remember the Nike logo? And this is just a curved line!

Here's how to take your first steps:

  • check how competitors' visuals look,
  • pay attention to their strengths and weaknesses,
  • borrow their ideas and change them to fit your brand,
  • organize a research group to form several solutions or options,
  • study your visitors,
  • create several schemes, analyze and which one has the best psychological influence on visitors.

Remember, visuals don't have to be perfect to be effective.

Output. What are the best conversion methods to use.

SEO professionals and content experts often emphasize the importance of even one image, but with a message. And yet, there is no reason to believe that the following images will do anything useful for you.

We are attracted by shiny things and bright colors. But after this initial impulse, we would like to turn to real values. If people don't get them, no amount of visuals will help.

What is your experience with graphic visual solutions? How do they affect conversion your site? Please share in the comments.

❤️ How effective are graphical visual solutions for increasing conversions?

Beautiful images, photos and screenshots can only attract visitors to your pages and "persuade" them to stay on them longer. However, all these elements by themselves are not able to induce a person to action.

💵 Where to look and what is the price of visual effects?

You can check various websites like or Upwork and find someone who can do it very cheaply.

❤️ Where is the best place to create images using visual effects for beginners?

Canva - there you can combine ready-made vector graphics and text. There are free and paid options.

💵 What is the best image file extension to use on sites?


❤️ What is website conversion?

Website conversion occurs when someone performs a predefined and desired action on your website.

❤️ What is the retail conversion formula?

Retail conversion rates are fairly easy to calculate - it's a simple matter of dividing the number of transactions made in a given period of time by the store's traffic over the same period of time. The result will show not only the main numbers, but also give an idea of other factors.

❤️ What are conversion strategies?

Conversion strategies work to add value, create a great customer experience, and turn browsers into repeat customers. Each goal is an important element of a well-designed conversion strategy.

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  1. High conversion of the site affects the growth of sales, and hence the profit. However, it is sometimes very, very difficult to achieve such conversion rates, which could be successfully called increased. The client is becoming more and more demanding, and classical lead generation methods no longer always work.

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