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Development, creation, support and promotion of sites is:

Thought-out design and functionality of the site to solve your business problems.

Unique image of web pages.

Technically robust and well thought out structure.

Checking and improving the usability of the site.

A / B testing of design elements, lead forms and payment windows.

Site administration: setting up cms, checking the domain, hosting.

Filling the site with unique and useful content.

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The site needs to be raised like a child!

Website development and support

Website creation is an amazing process of creating a unique web product that will grow and develop. The initially thought-out structure, unique design, convenient arrangement of elements, "technical strength" make the site ready to embody your ideas and solve business problems.

Create and release?

After launching the platform, users begin to interact with it. How much it meets the needs of customers becomes obvious only in practice. Something that can be improved is discovered. This is how the site starts to mature. As a child, he needs support. Therefore, it is not enough just to create the perfect web product. He needs to be educated and developed. Website development and support is a guarantee of sales growth.

What is included in site maintenance?

Website development and support is a regular monitoring, testing and improvement. Comprehensive work is underway on the web platform:

  • Domain control, hosting, content management systems.
  • Refinement of design and functionality based on the results of A / B testing, when users' reactions show what they like on the site and what they don't.
  • Checking the responsiveness of elements, page loading speed and optimization if necessary.
  • Usability testing with target audience involvement. It will show whether it is convenient for customers to use web pages, whether forms are complex to fill out, etc.
  • Filling the site with unique content. Interesting and useful information attracts visitors and shows search engines that the site meets the needs of the audience. Then the site will be promoted in the search results.
  • SEO promotion: building up the link mass, optimizing for the requirements of search engines for good ranking and movement to the TOP.

Development, support and promotion of sites are three components of site development, growth of its rating, popularity among users. The platform matures, becomes authoritative. This gives rise to sales and the achievement of other business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ I'm looking in Google for "website development and support price" and very different numbers. Why?

It depends on the complexity of the projects, on the requests of the developers in terms of payment. We have affordable prices. Discount for complex services.

✔️ Is it possible for you to create web sites, develop, support and design, and SEO promotion?

Yes. We provide both individual and complex services.

✔️ Do you conclude a contract for the development and support of the site?

Yes, definitely. In the contract, we indicate the list of works and deadlines.

✔️How long does it take to create a website design?

From 3 weeks to several months. Depends on the complexity of the project. Please contact us and we will tell you the cost more precisely.

✔️ Are services such as website development and support important for any business?

Sure. Website development is a way to tell people about the services or products you offer, understand why your products are relevant and even necessary to buy or use them, and see which of the qualities of your company sets it apart from the competition. Regularly updating and maintaining your site is critical to ensure it is fully loaded.

✔️ Website development, support and promotion - is it one service or can you order one thing?

This is a range of services. If, for example, you are only interested in the development of a web product, we will be happy to help you solve this particular problem. At the same time, it is not necessary to order other services.

✔️ When ordering a site support service, is it necessary to provide access to the admin panel?

Yes. Otherwise, we will not even be able to estimate the amount of work required.

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