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The main works to promote your site on Google:

Finding all technical errors and fixing them. Drawing up a work plan for further promotion.

INTERNAL OPTIMIZATION according to the latest requirements of search engines.

EXTERNAL OPTIMIZATION Analysis of the current state, strategy definition, KPI definition, implementation.

Buying and renting links, adding a site to free catalogs, reporting.

in accordance with the actual needs of the target audience.

CONTENT OPTIMIZATION Interesting unique texts and high-quality images.

for seo promotion.

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Way to the TOP: what is included in website promotion?

website promotion

Website promotion is like a tourist trip to an area that is not open to all visitors. You need to comply with the rules externally, physically, have the right equipment and recommendations from authorities, know the route. Only then will the traveler find himself on the desired path and successfully reach the goal.

In order for a site to get to the TOP as soon as possible, it needs to fit the characteristics for this and know the shortcut - the requirements of search engines by which they evaluate web pages. They check their technical characteristics, content compliance with user requests, authority. The fact that this site is trusted by other reliable sources is confirmed by the links to it. In order for web pages to be accepted in the TOP, they are SEO optimized.

website promotion

What is included in website promotion on Google?

This is a whole range of works inside and outside the site:

  • Creation of a semantic core. First of all, it is the choice of words that the target audience most often uses in search. They show Google's algorithms that the web pages where these words appear match what users want to know. The excess or lack of such phrases affects the ranking. We distribute keywords in the text and blocks of web pages so that articles and questions, and headings are relevant to requests, preventing "overspam".
  • Formation of headings. We make them such that you want to click on them and read the article. Also, search engines evaluate the relevance of content by headings, so we bring them in line with user requests and content content.
  • Creation of meta tags: Title, Description attract visitors to the site. In these few sentences, we show that it is on your site that they will find what they are looking for, intrigue and interest.
  • We apply micro-markup for each language version.
  • Buying links from trusted websites at low prices is an important way to build a successful image. Websites for links have authority for We carefully check the reputation of the web pages to which we link or those that link to our clients' sites.
promote the site

Creation of SEO site structure is a logical sequence of building blocks and sections of web pages. A different structure is created for a blog and an online store, which makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for on the site, which increases the depth of views and increases the conversion. Also, the correct SEO site structure is well ranked by search robots.

website promotion in google

We approach each project individually, therefore we use much more promotion methods than indicated above. We analyze competitors' websites and business niche and implement the best ideas on the web pages of our clients. We always take into account the wishes of our customers, we combine them with our experience and the requirements of search engines. All this guarantees successful promotion to the TOP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

promote the site on google

✔️ What to ask yourself before you start promoting your site on Google?

Comprehensive analysis is important. Describe your target audience. What is the purpose of the site? What are your core corporate values and how do you express them to your visitors? What sets you apart from the competition? and etc.

✔️ What can I do to promote my site to Google?

Here are some ideas for promoting your website. Get in the habit of adding new content regularly. Share your site on social media. Use Facebook ads.

✔️ What other ways are there to promote your site?

There are many possibilities. Media Marketing, Search Engine Listing, Branding, Quality Content, Google Local Business.

✔️ Can I promote my site on Google myself?

Yes. To do this, you need to study web analytics, web design, marketing, the psychology of your target audience, link building, SEO copywriting, working with tags and much more.

✔️ Is knowledge of HTML required to promote a website?

Yes. It is important to know at least the basics of working with code.

✔️ What tools does website promotion involve?

Tools for analytics, competitor search, keyword formation, etc.

✔️ What do you think is often missed when doing website promotion?

Website adaptation for mobile devices. This is what Google always pays attention to when ranking.

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