What is Landing Page? Usability Landing Page.

What is Landing Page

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Landing page or Landing Page (eng. Landing Page) - a site where all the goods or services of the company are located on the main page. Landing in Russian. Customers land one page. The final page where the description of the product or service is located on which the buy or order action is located.

Landing pages have very high conversion rates for a number of reasons.

Landing page ads target a narrow audience

Landing pages are designed with a single purpose - known as a call to action (CTA).

It is this simplicity that makes usability landing pages are the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your Google AdWords campaigns and lowering your lead generation or sale costs.

To fully understand the difference between a landing page and other pages on your site such as the home page, it is important to consider the differences between regular search traffic and paid search traffic.


Usability Landing Page for Paid Search Traffic.

When asking the question “What is Landing Page?”, You must understand that they are for paid traffic such as Google Adwords.

Landing Page
Google Search Results Page (SERP)

The image opposite shows a typical Google Search Results Page (SERP), which you can see after entering your search query.

There are four main areas:

1. Paid search results: Google AdWords
2. Paid Search Results: Google Shopping Ads
3. Google Featured Snippet
4. Organic search results

Normal search results (# 4) at the bottom are the links to your site that Google has chosen to display in response to a search query. This is why you have a website that can be found using a regular search.

Paid search results (# 1 & # 2) are different. For paid advertising, you can choose, where your visitors follow the link. You can send them to the home page of your website, or to your preferred option - a separate landing page, at created landing page specifically for this ad campaign.

Difference between home page and landing page

Consider the following diagram that shows the home page and landing page. The orange areas in each diagram represent links on the page. As you can see, there are 43 links on the home page (left) and only 1 on the landing page (right).

Website Landing

Home page (left) and landing page (right)

Proven that the presence of a smaller the number of links on the landing page increases the conversion rate when it comes to paid ads as there are fewer distractions. This is why savvy paid ad marketers always use a separate landing page as the destination for their ad traffic.

Various types of landing pages.

There are two main structural types of landing pages:

  • Landing pages for generating leads (sometimes called pages leads) use a web form as a call to action to collect lead data such as names and email addresses. This is the primary landing page type used for B2B marketing.
  • Click-through landing pages are commonly used for e-commerce and have a simple button as a call to action.

The diagrams below show the difference between a click-through landing page and a click-through landing page .

Landing Page Examples
  • Left: Lead landing page                                     
  • On right: Landing page with a click to the target

I hope this article answered the question "What is a landing page or landing page?" For you.

Corrected and translated article from source https://unbounce.com/landing-page-articles/what-is-a-landing-page/

✓ What are the advantages of Landing Page?

Landing Page is cheaper to develop than a full-fledged website and is best suited for selling a single product.

✓ How does the number of links on the landing page affect traffic?

Having fewer links on the landing page increases the conversion of paid links.

✓ Why are Landing Pages developed?

Landing pages are designed with the goal of encouraging the visitor to take some action (CTA).

✓ What are regular search results?

These are the links to your site that Google has selected to display in response to a search query.

✓ What is Landing Page?

Landing Page, or landing page, is the page on your website that is designed to convert visitors into leads. It differs from other pages on your website in that it meets both of these criteria: it has a form that allows you to collect visitor information in exchange for a desired offer.

✓ Who needs Landing Page?

Research shows that companies with 10-15 landing pages tend to increase conversions by 55% compared to companies with fewer than 10 landing pages. And those with more than 40 Landing Pages increase their conversion by more than 500%.

✓ How much does Landing Page cost?

A quality landing page costs $ 500-700. Building a strategic landing page can cost around $ 800-1200. In any case, the cost of a landing page depends on the complexity of the task.

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