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SEO/UX Audits

Consulting Businesses for 10 years. Consulted TOP companies Microsoft and Ebay.

Solving a lot of common mistakes using our Checklists. You can buy checklists and find out SEO, UI/UX mistakes by yourself. The Checklist is good for any developers level.

UX, SEO Consulting, and AdSense optimization cost $145 per hour.


I consult new clients for FREE if you want to order SEO or UX Audit.  

We are making SEO/UX Websites Audits.

  1. Checking more than 1000 positions to give you recommendations.

  2. Optimizing Page Titles and Descriptions.

  3. Optimizing on-page content.

  4. Improving Call-to-Action.

  5. Analyzing results.

SEO/UX Audit price for the website structure, the main page, the category page, and product page cost together $2850. It takes 5 working days.

Andre Smetana

Founder TopUser.Pro – Websites Developer for 17 years