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SEO/UX Audits

Consulting Businesses for 10 years. Consulted TOP companies Microsoft and Ebay.

Solving a lot of common mistakes using our Checklists. You can buy checklists and find out SEO, UI/UX mistakes by yourself. The Checklist is good for any developers level.


UX, SEO Consulting, and AdSense optimization cost $85 per hour.


Get detailed and expertly written SEO.UX reports and research for better SERPs.


We are making SEO.UX Websites Audits.

  1. Checking more than 1000 positions to give you recommendations.

  2. Optimizing Page Titles and Descriptions.

  3. Optimizing on-page content.

  4. Improving Call-to-Action.

  5. Analyzing results.


SEO.UX Audit for the website structure, the main page, the category page, and product page takes 5 working days.

Andre V. Smetana

Founder TopUser.Pro – Websites Developer for 17 years

Skype smetwin

Telegram @Andre_Smetana


  1. Hi Andrew! I am happy to have found you on facebook. As you can see on , I am unhappy with my site structure. I think there are to many links on the homepage so that the link juice is very poor. I would appreciate your comment very much. Thank you in advance and best regards,


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