Usability and User Experience Tips.

Best UI/UX Tips in 2017


★ Make text easy to read. Colored text can be used only for titles, buttons, etc. For the text only black or dark.

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★ Legibility for any text on the website starts from the 14px text size.

Small text less than 14px you can use only for useless information or links. Recommend to use 16px text size or even bigger.  Click to Tweet


★ Rule of the corner. Corners of any element on the web page call attention. Remove all useless borders to give maximum attention to the content.

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★ Don’t make the page title separated from the content with different lines or putting a title into the box.

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★ Keep header small height to show more information on the page. Remove pictures from the header and use them in the content.

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★ Don’t use photos for website background. Background photos look like an advertisement.

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★ Avoid making left or right menu floating on the page.

The most annoying are left floating menu, the second place is a right side menu, and the top menu could become disturbing when it is too high.


★ Don’t redesign scrollbar for visitors.

New scrollbar design makes discomfort for visitors and high bounce rate.


★ Don’t use on website flashing animated banners, slideshow and flashing animated headers.

People concentrate attention every 3 seconds. Giving any information faster makes people feel discomfort.  You can change at header different images but not quicker than every 6 seconds.


★ You should duplicate contact information at the top and bottom of the page and use the same link titles.


★ Don’t duplicate contact functionality using different link titles. Use regular titles.

Functionality labeled in various ways could be Customer Service, Contact US, Contact, Call US, Our Phone number, Feedback.


★ Use clear and known language for link titles.

There are a lot of standard links titles now.  Examples: Contact not Communication, Register not Sign up, etc. Just copy from popular websites regular link titles. In any language, you should copy official names.


★ Don’t switch on music or video on the page automatically.

It makes people nervous. In most cases, people close the website window.


★ Don’t put on site floating online chat.

This element on all pages doesn’t help make more sales. You should have live chat link near other contacts only.


★ Avoid Dropdown menu.

Dropdown menus are tough to navigate and harder to find information what you need. The best way to use static list even if it takes a lot of space. The static menu always wins in CTR testing.


★ Make big elements instead of small.

Use big fields in forms. Use big titles. Use big buttons. Don’t be afraid that something could be too big. It always gives positive results.


★ Make maximum two columns layout.

If you use more than two columns layout, you should know that users will use only 2.


★ When a user moves the mouse over any element don’t change its size.

It is uncomfortable when you can’t control events. There is enough on mouse over to make a color darker, add shadow or underline any object to show that user can use it.


★ Don’t use icons for website navigation without text.

People like to click on the text more than on the icons. Images without text have ambiguity.

It is better to make text link than a nice icon or write text on the every icon if it as a button.


★ Get rid of the homepage sliders.

Only a few people click beyond the second slide.


★ Don’t show to a user similar products on the product page.

Use button back to category or search results. When you show the same products, you make a person think what to buy is better. You can use similar products menu only for SEO purposes without photos.


★ Add to a shopping cart and product page additional useful products.

Choose products what person will need buying your product now. Make discount for them if he will buy the primary product. All additional products should be minimum three times cheaper than the main product.


★ Avoid a “coupon code” field.

Experiments show that removing field “coupon code” from the forms get better conversion rate.


★ Remove social icons from a header.

There is no reason to put social icons in the header. Put them in the footer. Only useful links must be in a header.


★ Use “Thank you page” as a place for Call to Action.

The visitor doesn’t know what to do next. If he signed for e-mails, it is a good time to give him an opportunity to like your page on facebook for example.


★ Make search field 27 symbols length.

90% search queries have length 27 symbols and less. The small field is uncomfortable to check a correctness of the query.


★ Make technical information pages for products.

10% customers want to know everything about the product. Don’t put all technical information to a product page. Create a link from the product page to a technical product page. It is good for sales and SEO.


★ Avoid making product banners on your website to advertise website’s products.

People don’t see advertising banners on website pages and concentrate attention on the content first. Keep information for visitors on website clear without any banners.


★ Don’t show on website listing products without image, description, review and out of stock.

Such products make bad user experience if the user can find it. I don’t suggest to delete such products because you can receive visitors from search engines. Only search engines must find such products but not users on your website from other pages.


★ Pricing strategy. Check out what prices have competitors first.

  • Find out search queries how people come to your website.

  • Open other websites proposition for your search queries and compare prices.


★ The headline or logo must answer the question “Where am I Right Now?”

The best practice is to write who are you under the company name. Don’t write “We are the best”. Write “Best Internet Shop”. Write exactly what visitor will receive “Products from the USA”.


★ Allow users to log in and register on the website using social networks accounts.

Register in one click on website become standard now. You are loosing your clients if you don’t allow such registration.


★ Don’t show suggested video from Youtube on your website.

YouTube video at the end shows suggested videos. When you embed a YouTube video, not from your channel you must click on the button “SHOW MORE” and uncheck “show suggested video when the video finishes”.


★ Avoid long paragraphs. Use short paragraphs and short sentences.

Users are moving fast through the page content. In the beginning, they are scanning a page before reading. Brevity is far more likely to keep the visitor on the page.


★ The rule “One Page One Goal.” Remove useless text, links, and elements from pages

Many websites are trying to put especially to the main page everything. It doesn’t make the page more informative it makes a page looks like a bucket of useless products.

Experiments show that you can remove everything except main links and product to receive high conversion rate.


★ Make social networks sharing buttons easy to find on every page.

Users will not copy your URL and share. Users are looking for buttons to share.

The best place to put share buttons is the left side and make them flow.


★ Write text links to share in social media inside the articles “Tweet this quote,” “Share this infographic” etc. These links have a better CTR than share icons.


★ Delete all website navigation on shopping cart page.

All site navigation in the shopping cart should be removed to help user concentrate on finishing order.


★ Place verified, certified and protected icons on your website’s footer and in the shopping cart.


★ Remove all useless fields from your registration forms.

Leave required fields only. Remove other fields like discount coupons.


★ Make links and buttons darker when mouse over it.

Don’t change links color just make them a little bit darker.


★ Underlined links have the best click-through rate (CTR).

Hide underlined when arrow over the link for the best result.


★ Use white backgrounds for any website.

Web sites with the white background have high page views rates than any dark websites.


★ Don’t use an Italic font for important information.

People don’t like to read an Italic text and skip it.

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