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Комплексный SEO анализ страниц сайта.

Написание технического задания для исправления ошибок.

Цель работы:

  • Увеличить трафик
  • Повысить позиции по запросам
  • Исправить SEO ошибки на сайте


5 working days

SEO ТЕКСТ для поисковых систем
Table of contents

What are your difficulties in online business?

SEO audit is most useful in the following cases:

Experts recommend conducting an SEO audit every 6 months to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

SEO Site Audit

Why do I need an SEO audit?

We solve the following tasks:

Delay in solving these problems often ends up closing the business.

How to order SEO site analysis?

Individual approach to promotion.

Your problem will be solved by SEO specialists in Kiev with more than 10 years of experience.

Keep reading to learn more about our SEO website audit services and also consider SEO consulting

Discuss the details of the project with a specialist using a free consultation.

Audit and recommendations of Internal Site Optimization.

We analyze the site.

  • Site page titles and their correspondence to the page content.
  • Descriptions on the pages of the site.
  • Meta tags.
  • Analysis of micro-markup.
  • Headings H1, h2, h3 and others.
  • The quality of the text content.
  • Site structure and architecture.
  • Internal links.
  • Links to external resources.
  • Site speed.
  • Analyzing Sitemap and Robots.txt files
  • Search CTR and other site parameters.

Analysis of External Site Optimization.

We analyze the external link.

  • We analyze links from competitors.
  • The number of links to your site.
  • The quality of external links.
  • Links from competitors to other sites.
  • And other parameters.

Recommended for audit.

  • How to increase white link mass.
  • How to write links correctly.
  • Where to buy quality links for cheap.
  • How many links to buy.
  • When to buy them.
  • We make a list of which links should be removed and which external links should be changed.
  • Appearance, location of links and other parameters.

Particular attention to internal SEO site optimization.

Assessment of the semantic core of the site and the correspondence of the site pages to what people are looking for.

We create a semantic core (SJ) for your site on our own.

We rely on our SA when assessing the quality of the internal structure and texts of the site.

What will happen in SEO Audit?

  • You will receive a list of recommended titles and page titles across all pages.
  • Evaluation of page texts. Density, emphasis on words. LSI words and synonyms.
  • Optimizing the Description tag.
  •  Having studied the page hierarchy and internal links, we give recommendations for optimizing link titles.
  • Checking the quality of the URL structure.
  • Recommendations for the hierarchy of pages.
  • Tips for increasing your click-through rate (CTR) in search.

Additionally UX-Usability guidelines.

We take into account usability site and give recommendations on how to fix critical errors.

  • Increase the time spent on the site
  • Increased number of views
  • Reducing bounces

What do you get.

  1. You will receive an SEO audit in the form of an Excel file with a semantic core and all pages written. Titles, Headings, Descriptions. The file is convenient and straightforward to make web studio work.
  2. You will receive a document with all the recommendations to be made.
  3. Work plan for half a year for the purchase of external links to achieve top positions.

Bonuses. Meeting in Kiev.

  1. Constant verification by our specialists of the changes that are indicated in the audit.
  2. Hour SEO, UX or CRO consultation with the company's specialists in Kiev.

💵 What is the cost of an SEO audit?

SEO site audit includes the following services:

  • SEO audit.
    • Analysis of the site structure and design of the countdown takes from 4 to 8 hours.
    • Not necessary. Creation of SEO site structure. From 50 hours.
    • Analysis of meta-tags and texts on the pages: Home page; Category page; Product / service page or information page; One page takes from an hour to 4 hours.
    • Automatic SEO analysis. Cost from $9 to $69
    • Assessment of competitors. Study of competitors' search queries.
    • Total cost of SEO audit from $100 to $775.
  • Documentation.
    • Agreement and annexes to the agreement.
    • SEO audit recommendations report. PDF format.
    • Automatic SEO audit report. PDF format.
    • Competitor evaluation report. PDF format. sai
SEO Audit.

The calculation is based on the cost of $12.5 per hour of work.

Answers to frequently asked questions. FAQ

✓ Why do you need to do a comprehensive SEO site audit?

Automated tools show you boilerplate errors of a limited set of SEO rules. An expert audit conducted by an experienced SEO master will provide solutions to all the mistakes of your campaign.

✓ What does Google say about SEO site analysis?

Google recommends SEO audits. In Google's search guide, they suggest requesting a technical and search audit before hiring an SEO company.

✓ Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, within 45 days after payment. At your first request, in case of violation of the contract on our part.

✓ Have you done SEO promotion of sites in my niche?

Yes, we have promoted sites in your niche. Our team has more than 10 thousand projects experience.

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