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The speed of a WordPress site increases traffic and promotion in search results.

Optimizing WordPress site speed is essential to load your web pages fast.

Content without brakes!

Optimizing a site for mobile devices WordPress saves your mobile traffic.

Let's find the reasons why a WordPress site slows down.

Let's eliminate all the problems that slow down the loading speed of your WordPress site.

Plugins will not slow down page elements.

Users will love your mega-speed WordPress site and your traffic will increase.

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Speed up your WordPress site helps promote.

Optimizing a WordPress site

While your WordPress site is loading, can you make yourself some coffee? Slow work of web pages, and users do not go to prepare a drink, but go to your competitors. Accept, or not only return your traffic, but even increase it?

How important is site speed?

Time is a resource that cannot be returned, which is why people do not like to wait. We are used to instantly accessing information. Providing high-speed web pages is about respecting your audience.

Search engines also rate site performance. They will not promote a web platform that is slow, even if the information on it is consistent with user requests and is seo-optimized.

Why is your WordPress site slow?

  • Plugins work that take a lot of resources.
  • Scripts that overload the hosting are running.
  • PHP code is not compressed.
  • No optimization plugins are used.
  • Ddos attacks can not only slow down a WordPress site, but also cause system disruptions.
  • Images and videos are not optimized, they weigh a lot.
  • Browser cache is not used to speed up website loading.
  • Hosting problems.

We will teach your WordPress site to fly!

  • We use the best tools to analyze website loading speed.
  • We find all possible causes of problems and choose the best solution to eliminate them.
  • We quickly set up the work of all its elements that affect the speed of loading pages.
  • We adapt a WordPress site for its fast and full-fledged work on all types of mobile devices.

Order WordPress site optimization! Then guests and users will stay with you. Your useful and interesting content will benefit them, customers will find their products, and you will advance in the search results and increase your income.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

✔️ How long does it take to optimize the loading of a WordPress site?

About 2 weeks. This is individual.

✔️ Is it possible to self-optimize the loading speed of a WordPress site?

If you have experience in programming, web design, you know how sites work, you own analytics and error correction tools, then yes.

✔️ How often should you optimize your WordPress site?


✔️ What types of WordPress sites can you speed up?

All types: from blogs to online stores.

✔️ WordPress site optimization: is the platform suitable for SEO?

WordPress has SEO optimized themes. Keywords and metadata aren't the only components that search engine spiders check for relevance. Another extremely important thing they are looking for is good web page design. When you use WordPress, you never have to worry about optimizing your website design for SEO.

✔️ Is it possible to optimize the loading speed of a WordPress site in Google?

Blogs and WordPress CMS are very search engine friendly. This allows the GoogleBot to consume content easily.

✔️ Is it possible to optimize the site for mobile devices WordPress?

The WordPress backend is fully mobile-friendly (at least since version 3.8) and allows you to do all the basic tasks. If you have a tablet, you might even consider writing long content on it (phones - not many).

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