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Has Google Adsense Revenue Dropped?

Consultations can solve the following problems:

Not properly configured and placed advertising is a hole in your pocket due to which you lose up to 70% of your profit every day.

Adsense Income

How to set up Google Adsense and YAN ads?

We solve the following tasks for setting up advertising:

How to Calculate Adsense Income and Increase Profits.

Spend 1 hour of your time:

Just 1 hour of consultation with our specialist will give you a solution on how to increase your profit. 

While others spend weeks or months parsing free cases and digging through a heap of useless information - you are already earning.  

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We know how to arrange, where to place, which blocks and which advertising network are the most profitable!

What do you get for an hour of consultation.

The most popular service of the TopUser team. +1000 sites started earning more. From 10%, and some up to 500% have raised their revenues.

An example of the placement of Adsense blocks.

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How is the consultation going?

  • We send an application. 
  • We determine the goals and performance indicators of the site.
  • We agree on the time of the consultation.
  • We make an advance payment of 100%.
  • We conduct a consultation, writing down all the recommendations in writing.
  • We are waiting for your changes on the site or we are doing the work ourselves.
  • We review the changes and refine the results.

Frequently asked questions before consulting on increasing income.

✔️ How to increase CTR in Google Adsense?

You can increase the number of clicks by placing blocks and optimizing them.

✔️ How to increase the cost per click in Adsense and YAN?

By reducing the number of blocks on the page and by cleaning up cheap advertisers.

✔️ Why are ad units not showing on Google Adsense?

Google Adsense often crashes when serving certain types of ad units. Try changing your ad units.

✔️ Should I use turbo pages for advertising in YAN?

Of course it's worth it. This is additional profit for your website.

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