35 SEO life hacks. TOP 10 in 2020/2021.

35 SEO life hacks to rank at the top in 2020

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Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities to keep your business in the Top in 2020 year? Search engine and digital marketing algorithms are constantly changing. If you use SEO-hacks, it will turn out to break forward among competitors this and next year.

In this article, we share 35 effective SEO growth tricks. You can incorporate these into your online promotion best practices. Be sure to read every section of this article so you don't miss out on anything.

Let's start hacking Top! Here are 35 effective SEO hacks to get high rankings in 2020.

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1. Prepare for the voice search revolution in 2021.

You read that right. I made this SEO hack first on the list for a reason. We expect that:

In 2020, 50% of all searches worldwide will come from voice searches performed by virtual assistants such as Google, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

So, you better start optimizing for voice search. Focus on creating content snippets that answer questions about your niche, products and services.

You can find answers to these frequently asked questions using online tools such as Answer The Public, Google Trends, and the People also Ask section in search. Google... In the Russian version, the last section is called "Related Searches".

section similar questions on the search results page

2. Have you heard about MIX? Submit your site here.

MIX can help your ideal clients explore your content. In addition, the service has a different method of searching the Internet. It consists of community-driven websites. They are categorized to showcase to those looking for specific information.

This rarely used SEO trick can help you a lot, especially if you are just getting started building your website.

All you need to do is register and install the MIX plugin. Once you open the toolbar in your browser, click on the thumb-up icon so that MIX users can now discover your website.

3. Use the skyscraper technique for TOP 10.

This SEO trick will help you create great content using what's already posted online for your industry. In doing so, you create more interesting and high-quality content that can beat your competitors. This is how this technique works:

  1. Find blog posts or any content that is relevant to your business or any topic you want to write about. Search among posts that rank high on the first page of Google.
  2. See how you can improve your found content. Can you create more verbose text? Will you find more recent results and statistics? Can you create a better design, etc.?
  3. Make the best version of the content you find and make sure you stick with the same theme and keywords.
  4. Submit this article and share it on social media for the world to see.

4. Use free SEO tools.

This SEO growth path may seem pretty obvious, but it's amazing how many aspiring entrepreneurs ignore it. So, take advantage of these incredible free tools hack SEO this 2020 and save more money.

Here are some of the most trusted free SEO tools in 2020/2021:

  1. Google Keyword Planner - Use this to find your keywords.
  2. Google Analytics - helps you find out which web pages are performing well and which are not.
  3. Google Webmaster Tool - Use this to gain valuable insights for your search engine marketing efforts.
  4. Google Search Console - Use it to troubleshoot, improve, and track your presence in Google search results. Also, watch out for URL error reports.
  5. SEMRush is a service that allows you to control your site, as well as your competitor's web resource.
  6. Yoast SEO is a versatile SEO package for WordPress sites.
  7. SEO Analyzer Tool - Lets you compare your website's SEO quality against your three main competitors.

There are many other free SEO tools out there, so feel free to research and use the ones that are most comfortable for you.

Advice professional: use Google tools because Google is the leading search engine on the world wide web. This way, they have almost all the information you need to optimize your site.

5. Obtain an SSL certificate for your website.

Secure Sockets Layer certificates, or SSL for short, can encrypt data or sensitive information from your customers who use your site. You can tell the website has an SSL certificate if the url is HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Google has already announced that it prefers to index web resources with HTTPS than those that are not yet secure. Most importantly, your SSL certificate can help your site rank higher than those who don't.

6. Track conversations on social networks and forums to find valuable keywords.

Forums and other social media platforms can be your gold mine for keywords that your competitors don't know about. So, before they start noticing the keywords your target market is using, stay ahead.

Look for duplicate mentions and FAQs from your ideal customers. Then create content based on the information received and immediately publish it on your website.

Plus, this SEO hack will not only put you first in the SERPs for certain keywords you find. He will also increase your credibility in his industry by answering questions and providing useful information to your online community.

7. The main goal of the search engine for 2021.

Google exists to provide accurate and quick answers to its users. Creating content that can match the search intent of the readers is imperative for 2020. In contrast, content that doesn't match the search intent of users has no chance of ranking in search results.

So, for example, when you are targeting a keyword in your blog post, you must identify the intent behind that keyword.

Is it researching a product or service to buy something? Maybe compare one product to another?

Remember that the better you serve users' search queries, the higher your web page rankings will be.

Take the keyword “smart camera”. People who use it may want to buy CCTV cameras or just find out more about the product. In this example, Google shows that people using the query “smart camera” usually want to make a purchase. This can be seen from the fact that the system immediately gives out where you can buy the product.

what Google returns in response to a request shows the interests of users

Pro tip: You can also update existing content to match the search queries of your target audience.

8. Use Rich Snippets for TOP 1.

Do you want to stand out from the sea of competitors in the search results? Use rich snippets - this SEO trick will make your ads unique and informative. A snippet on the search page displays product information, reviews, and images.

Most importantly, rich snippets help improve your website's> click-through rate by adding structured data markup to your site's HTML. This helps search engines understand your website better. They then index your web pages better and put you higher in the page search results.

Take the image below as an example. We are confident that you will click on a search result with an image, bright emoticons, and not on a search result that shows mediocre information.

the result with a well-formed snippet attracts attention

9. Publish evergreen content and update existing content.

In case you haven't noticed yet, content is the KING of SEO. So, you better bet on posting evergreen content or pieces of information that will be useful and relevant in 2020 and beyond.

By doing so, you will continue to attract new customers over time. You don't have to constantly create something new.

Plus, updating existing content according to user searches, as mentioned earlier, will help you turn it into evergreen content. It will serve your business for a long time.

Here are the directions in which you can create evergreen content:

  • Detailed practical guides.
  • Case studies related to your products or services.
  • Product reviews from real buyers.
  • List-based blog posts.
  • Training series.
  • Interviews with industry experts.

10. Leave blog posts with long tails.

Long tail keywords contain three or four terms that lead to search phrases very specific to what you are selling. These can be search queries based on the questions your target audience is using.

When your ideal customers use highly specialized, long-tail keywords, they most likely know what they are about to buy and are ready to make a purchase. So posting content with long-tail keywords can help get that sale to you, rather than losing it to your competitors.

11. Publish rich and high quality content.

People are short on time and their attention span on the Internet is getting shorter. However, there is something good about well-formed and well-formatted long content that can help you rank first in the SERP. Plus, you'll get more clicks and traffic to your website.

High-quality content can appeal to your ideal customers. If the content is long, it will make them stay on your website longer. This will give you a better chance of enticing them to subscribe to your mailing list or entice them to buy a product or service.

Plus, detailed and top-notch content will help you gain experience and authority in your niche. More and more people will be willing to share and increase interest in your content. Not to mention, it can help you build your brand awareness.

Expert Commentary: SerpIQ examined search engine result pages that include over 20,000 keywords. The top 10 search engine results average over 2000 words. High quality and long content is truly KING.

Longer, higher quality content on your website helps strengthen your image as an expert in your industry. It also helps to increase the authority of your website. If the content is really useful and people want to share it, for example, via social networks, or comment on a post, then this is an additional victory. Google really values this kind of content engagement from its users. All of this together will increase your brand awareness.

12. Optimization of website images.

There is a saying that "People buy with their eyes"... Even if you're not selling anything in your content yet, images are like a breathing space for your website visitors, especially in long blog posts.

Therefore, it is important that you include images in your content and that they are also search engine optimized.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when performing an SEO hack to optimize images:

  • Name the image files in plain or clear language.
  • The name of each image must be descriptive.
  • Use the alternate ALT attribute of images so that search engines and visually impaired people can understand what is at stake.
  • Reduce or shrink the file size of your images so that they don't cause your web pages to load slowly.

13. Increase your website CTR.

Placing on the first page of Google doesn't really guarantee a traffic to your site. If you are not in the top 3 of the SERPs, you may not get traffic. This is why SEO is important. Not only does it boost your search engine rankings, but it also helps you attract people who click through to your site.

Here's how this SEO trick works:

  1. Create content targeting more specific keywords that are easier to rank for, such as long keywords.
  2. Create a clear and engaging meta description that tells your target audience why they should click on your search engine result.
  3. Create a more informative URL to show people that they've found the right source of information.
  4. Keep your header format simple yet interesting by focusing on the main benefits of visiting your web page.
  5. Add structured data markup to place your rich descriptions in search results.

Now, remember that your CTR is critical to signaling to search engines, especially Google, that your content is relevant. In addition, higher CTRs often correspond to higher conversions.

14. Use Amazon Polly to increase your time on your site.

Now, getting clicks is also not enough if you want to signal to search engines that you have interesting, relevant, and ultra-useful content. You want people to stay on your website, thereby increasing their latency.

And there are many ways to increase the time visitors spend on your site, such as engaging them with videos and images, internally linked resources, and creating interesting and well-formatted content. But there is an unused SEO trick that your competitors may not know about - Amazon Polly.

Amazon Polly is a speech recognition tool that allows your website to read the entire article for your visitors. They can stay on your site even if they are busy doing something else.

Amazon Polly page

15. Distribute the authority of the links to your home page.

Whether you like it or not, your homepage is the star of your site. It is through it that most visitors pass. It is this web page that receives a significant amount of organic backlinks. These are links to your content on third party web pages.

It's important to properly design your home page and extend its link authority to other important pages on your site. Add the ones you want to rank in the main body of your home page.

16. Increase your chances of link building in 2021.

One study found that link signals such as domain authority, inbound anchor text, link count, and more accounted for 27,94% localized organic ranking factors and 16,53% local search ranking factors.

This goes to show that link building should be one of your SEO hacking methods. This will help you rank well in local search.

Now, remember that it takes quite a while to build organic links. You need a supply of ultra-relevant and useful content that influencers and others in your industry will want to click on and link to your content. So, you can partner with others in your niche to improve your link building opportunities.

In addition to collaborating with influencers, you can also build your links through chambers of commerce, Yelp and similar directories, local press and local business sites.

17. Optimize your site's footer.

Gone are the days when you could put a ton of text in your website's footer. In 2020, you need to strategically approach the elements that you include in this part of your site.

First, you need to make sure the anchor texts are descriptive and consistent with the search terms people use to find the content they want.

For example, if you have multiple dental clinics in your city, you can change the link text to “find dentists near you” or “local dental clinics” instead of listing the locations and names of the dentists.

Also remember that you do not need to link only to product and service pages. You can also link to your highest added value web pages, such as main blog posts and other resource pages.

18. Use link analysis tools to find your competitors' top links.

One of the best SEO tricks you can learn is how to identify the best links from your competitors and use them to the benefit of your site. Hey, the search engines didn't tell you that pulling your competitors' links is illegal!

Also, remember that authoritative links are critical to getting higher rankings on the first page of SERPs, especially on Google. So, you need to acquire such links. One of the easiest ways to do this is to find hubs that will link to many of your competitors.

Now, a hub is a website that links to websites that play a big role in their search engine marketing game. You can identify these hubs using link analysis tools like SEOprofiler and Clique Hunter from Majestic.

Then, examine the sites that link to your competitors. See which ones would make sense to link back to your site. Remember, not all hubs are relevant to your site. Having an irrelevant website linking to yours can negatively impact your rankings. But once you find relevant and qualified centers, reach out to them so you can start perfecting your link building techniques.

19. Maintain a guest blog.

Guest blogging can be one of the best SEO growth methods. It's not only a great way to get relevant, high-quality backlinks for your website. Such web resources can open doors of opportunity for people to get to know you and your brand.

When you write high quality content for a relevant website, you can leave links pointing to your site. They can encourage people to take advantage of your free offer in exchange for their email addresses. This will give you their contact details to send them your newsletter.

Plus, once people read your content and find it very useful, they are more likely to follow your link. By visiting your site, readers will remember you as a great source of information in your niche.

So, a guest blog can have three main effects: help you get quality backlinks, build an email list, and build brand awareness.

20. Submit a press release.

Publishing press release material can be one of the best ways to get media attention and become a well-known brand. You can try using a site called Help a Reporter Out, abbreviated as HARO. This is a great place to pitch content to get backlinks, collect quotes, and even appear in the media.

HARO covers the entire spectrum of businesses because business owners from huge corporations to small agencies use it to distribute their content. You can look for similar sites to work in your country or even in its specific region.

You can also reach out to local media outlets and post content on their websites. This way you will get more attention and authoritative backlinks.

21. Submit your product ads to eBay and Amazon.

If you have an online store, one of the most important SEO hacks you can do is expand your reach beyond your website. Take advantage of the two largest e-commerce websites - Amazon and eBay. In Ukraine, many people post their products on OLX.

A seller account on eBay, especially a store, has many SEO benefits. Plus, it's great for remarketing.

On the other hand, Amazon might be one of the giants that you shouldn't ignore because it's a great market. He owns the search ranking site Alexa, which is vital to SEO, especially in voice search, and Amazon's goal is to surpass Google search. 

So, if you want to survive during the tides, you should keep an eye on each of the bodies of water.

22. Apply accelerated mobile AMP pages.

One of the most useful SEO tricks that is commonly overlooked is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is a coding standard for publishers to make web pages stripped down and simple on your mobile devices.

As mobile search is on the rise, it is important to implement AMP on your web property. This will make it convenient to use your site on mobile devices. Pages will load quickly and display correctly, without loss of information and distortion of design elements.

23. Use structured data markup.

Structured data markup is useful for more than just getting rich snippets in SERPs. It will also help you display your business on the right side of Google's SERPs, also known as the local knowledge network bar.

Now, remember that the use of structured data markup differs from platform to platform. For Google search results, you will need to use Schema.org. On the other hand, for social media sites like Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook, you need to use Open Graph.

But here's the best SEO trick: Google's Structured Data Markup Assistant. It will help you control all of your layouts from one central location.

24. Optimize your ad on Google My Business.

When it comes to local package ranking, the most important SEO growth path is your Google My Business (GMB) page. Fortunately, optimizing it can be an easy task.

Here's how to do it:

  • Submit your ad.
  • Verify your GMB account.
  • Make sure your company information is up to date. Pay particular attention to opening hours and category lists.
  • Link your GMB account to your site.
  • Update existing images that are over a year old if you already have a GMB account. Be sure to only upload good quality business images.

Once your GMB account is set up or optimized, continue to encourage people to leave reviews on your GMB page.

25. Look for 404 pages.

It is very important to make sure that people are not linking to your 404 pages. These error pages can squander the link authority that should have been gained by your converting web pages. Therefore, they should be corrected as soon as possible by linking external links to them.

Use Google Search Console to find 404 pages on your website and find out where they are linking and from where.

Here's how to do it:

  • Go to scan.
  • Click Scan Errors.
  • Click Not Found.
  • Then click on each URL that returns a 404 page.
  • Google often sorts errors from least important to most important.
  • After you click on a URL, select the "Linked To" tab, which shows the URLs that link to the corresponding web page.
  • Finally, make sure these 404 pages are 301 redirected to the second most relevant page on your website.

26. Use Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

In 2020, speed is becoming more and more essential. So, your site should load quickly. Did you know that the average visitor to a web resource can wait only 2 seconds for loading? 

One study found that 47% site users expect it to load in 2 seconds, while 40% of them will leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So, one of the most useful SEO hacking tools you can use is Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. This tool provides reports on the performance of a web page on both desktop and mobile devices. The best thing about it is that it offers recommendations for improving an individual page. Its main purpose is to make your website load faster on all devices.

27. Make sure your website is mobile responsive.

Making your website mobile responsive may rather be the best SEO technique that should be checked regularly. This is critical to your SEO strategy. Responsive design is a huge factor if you want to be successful in search engine marketing.

In addition, a responsive website requires a design that will work well with all devices used in online search - desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Think it over before launching a website.

how the site will look on all types of devices needs to be thought out in advance

If you don't know anything about website design and development for SEO, reach out to the professionals to help your website thrive in 2020.

28. Elimination of inconsistencies in the NAP.

NAP stands for name, address and telephone number. This is vital information about your business that needs to be consistent as it appears in different places on the web.

One of the important SEO tricks you need to follow is to list your business on all relevant websites, directories and social media sites available to you.

You can use rating tracking software to manage your citations. As soon as you find NAP inconsistencies, immediately contact the website owner or follow any necessary steps available on your side to fix the errors.

29. Rating of images and video from the monitor.

Tracking the rankings of your image and video can be one of the best SEO tricks that your competitor hasn't yet informed about. It's amazing how companies track website traffic and CTRs but neglect visual assets that rank well in SERPs.

Once you discover which visual assets work well and which don't, you will know which ones to copy and which ones to improve. It shows what your target audience loves from images and video content.

You can track the rating of an image and video using the rating tracking tool, enable the universal search results option. It should show you results not only from Google, but also from other popular search engines and websites like Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

30. Creation of infographics.

When it comes to visual assets, infographics can be your top SEO growth tool. This is because visual data can be processed faster than text.

A single infographic can present a large amount of information in one photo in a vivid and attractive way. In addition, it will be easy to share on social networks.

As such, you can expect that the more infographics you create and upload to your website, as well as share on social media, the more likely you are to get traffic. This will make your site an excellent resource in its niche, and increase its authority in its industry and in search results.

31. Incentives to create user generated content.

Getting traffic often means keeping track of who has traffic. So, one of the best SEO tricks is learning what the big players are doing.

Do you know what top sites have in common? This is relevant content. Search engines like Google and Baidu will be considered irrelevant if they don't have content indexed from different websites to search for.

YouTube and Facebook are social media sites that fill up with millions of user generated content every month.

So, if the most famous sites on the internet are driving traffic by encouraging user-generated content, then maybe it's time for you to do that too this 2020. Not to mention, people trust user-generated content more than traditional media these days.

32. Strengthen your brand.

Increasing your brand awareness will increase not only your SEO rankings, but also your conversions.

Remember, Google prefers to rank sites with reliable queries by brand rather than without them. How do I get them? Make sure people keep coming back to your site with ultra-useful and relevant content. You might want to make some attractive offers and interesting gifts.

In addition, the more people enter your website or business name into Google, and the more people click through to your site from the SERPs, the higher your web page rankings will be.

Another SEO growth you can try is lead generation: hijacking your visitors' email addresses when you give them something for free in exchange for contact details. Using a form on their site to collect their email addresses or pop-ups to log out of any chatbot to subscribe.

Then use your email list to send helpful informative articles and interesting videos to your subscribers. This is necessary to promote your products, services and useful content. A good addition to social media engagement with your target market.

33. Create a YouTube channel.

As you saw in the previous image, YouTube is already the second largest search engine in the world. Plus, it's twice as popular as Bing. Not to mention the fact that the number of users is growing rapidly every year.

So, to get more traffic this 2020, consider creating and optimizing content for YouTube as one of the must-have SEO tricks.

You shouldn't ignore a search engine as big as YouTube, right?

Best of all, if your video content is well optimized for YouTube SEO. You will earn more top rankings on Google in its search results. It's because 55% Google search results contain at least one video content... Plus, Google actually owns YouTube. As such, you can expect more and more YT videos to hit SERPs this 2020.

Increasingly, Google, in response to a request in the first lines of search results, offers a video:

Google often responds with YouTube videos

34. Create accounts on popular social networks.

Engaging with your ideal customers on social media will not only increase brand awareness, trust, and authority. It will also help you promote content from your website and YouTube channel.

Plus, you can use social media to drive traffic to your webpages as you create content on a regular basis.

You can also set up messaging bots on your social media accounts. You want to do this to better reach your target audience, or run multiple digital marketing campaigns with results that point to your website. This will increase your traffic and conversion.

35. Collect the client's evidence.

Collecting customer proof is one of the most powerful SEO techniques you have at your disposal. It's social evidence like case studies, reviews, and testimonials that can be important ranking signals.

Evidence from real customers can attract more people who are still choosing you or your competitors.

Here's how this SEO trick works:

  • Ask customers for reviews.
  • Ask your clients if they can be featured in a case study or on social media.
  • Encourage them to leave reviews and publish what they have to say on your site

Bottom line.

Here's how you prepare your website for the challenges that search engines and the digital marketplace can bring in 2020. So be sure to apply these helpful SEO hacks as soon as you can.

Now, if you are not too sure if you are doing all these SEO growth tricks or if they seem too complicated for you, you can take advantage of the excellent services of SEO professionals. 

Based on materials from the site: delante.co

❤️ When to expect first results from SEO?

Several months. It depends on the tasks.

✔️ What to look for when creating an infographic?

The main thing is an image, a minimum of text, a logical sequence of elements, leave space, on average, use 3 colors.

❤️ Does Amazon Polly support Russian?


✔️ How to get an SSL certificate?

The provider who owns your hosting has free options, but they have drawbacks.

✔️ How many hours does SEO take?

Estimated time: from 10 to 40 hours, depending on the size of your site and its current state.

✔️ Does SEO really work?

SEO only works when you use modern best practices. When you do this, Google and other search engines will boost your site's ranking, which will lead to more traffic and, in turn, conversions. But when you do SEO wrong, it doesn't work.

✔️ How much does SEO cost per month?

According to extensive research by Ahrefs, the average SEO plan for an agency costs $ 2,819 per month. The lower limit of the average is about $ 500 per month, and the upper limit of the average is between $ 25,000 and $ 50,000 per month.

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