How to create an ICO LISTING website?

how to create an ico listing website

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Blockchain is becoming extremely popular. First of all, thanks to cryptocurrencies. But before cryptocurrency comes into play, a few things happen. 

One of them - ICO... The number of ICOs is growing rapidly, and, of course, only a few of them really deserve attention. We are going to explore the following questions:

  • What is ICO and how does it work?
  • How can you create your own ICO listing website?
  • What to look for when creating a listing ICO website?

What is ICO and how does it work?

An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is crowdfunding involving an emerging cryptocurrency. Holders can trade their new currency in the form of "tokens" to those who are interested. In return, they receive legal tender or, alternatively, other currencies such as bitcoin. 

Essentially, this is digital Wall Street. Everyone can participate at their own risk. If the project is successful, the investor will raise a decent amount. Funding is organized by startups to raise funds for their ideas. This way, they get the money to start up with no extra investment.

The number of tokens issued can be limited, as well as their price. The project can set itself a specific goal. The process takes a week or more. The price of each token can be static, which means that it will not change during the entire ICO. However, there is an option when the price of the token increases depending on the amount of money collected.

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At the end of January 2018, Facebook banned ads that include any information about the ICO. Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and a few others made the same decision in April. This was done to protect customers from potentially misleading information. 

Many ICOs may appear to be scams or may be hijacked by someone. Let's take a look at the possible problems that you may encounter:

  • This could be a scam. The information seems attractive and worth the investment. However, after the investment is made, your money disappears. This is because there was a small disclaimer at the very bottom. It was mentioned that you are not entitled to anything. The problem with scams is that they usually operate in a legal environment. And while this is misleading, you actually agree to their terms, usually unknowingly. There are not many rules in this area. So it will be impossible to return the funds.
  • ICOs can be faked. If the company is doing well and looks promising, there will always be someone who wants to get it. In some cases, the desire does not stop. For example, startup Kik's ICO generated about $ 50 million worth of tokens for its investors and hoped to raise another $ 125 million from the general public. However, their plans were thwarted by someone who created a fake social media URL and raised their money. Unfortunately they weren't kind enough to bring them back.
  • The project may fail. It can fail at any moment for various reasons. Some companies have money back conditions if their ICO does not reach the required minimum. It depends on the contract. Sometimes it can also depend on the laws of the country in which the ICO is taking place.

Why do you need to create an ICO LISTING website?

A site with such a list collects information about available ICOs, their descriptions, ideas behind them, and sometimes ratings. The reason is to provide potential investors with a more informative platform for choosing their next investment. They will be able to see and compare projects, decide what suits them and what doesn't. 

Such a solution, especially when combined with ratings, can save investors money and time. In addition, when you create a site with an mvp ICO listing, you help ICO project owners find their target audience and therefore increase their income in the future.

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Examples of successful sites with an ICO list:

  • BlockStarter. This company aims to help startups create ICOs. They also have their own listing. They mainly contain successful, already completed ICOs, but provide quite extensive information about each project. Everything including the team, press releases, concepts, media, and FAQs. 
  • ListICO. One of the best ICO listing sites. They provide information on a huge number of offers. You can find tons of information on the website as well as in their social media community. On the site, you can find current, completed or upcoming coin offers.
  • Bestcoins. This site is not only an ICO listing, but also provides exchange services, information about cryptocurrencies and allows you to discuss various projects. Thanks to filters, you can choose what the investor likes without looking through a bunch of offers.
  • List of the best ICOs. These guys are totally dedicated to ICOs. On their website, you can check any active, past or upcoming offers as well as PreICO. You can also submit your own or subscribe to receive a featured list. They also have a list of cryptocurrency giveaways.
  • Tokener. This platform contains information on listings, rewards and any events related to the world of cryptocurrencies. They allow you to conduct an ICO. They position themselves as a token sale directory.

What to include in your own ICO listing?

iso planning

Of course, first of all, information about the project is important. Who are its organizers, what they are doing, what is the purpose of the project. You can also indicate their contacts or information about the team that is conducting this ICO. Most of them have websites that potential investors can visit to get more information about the idea and terms. 

Another important piece of information is, of course, tokens. The number of tokens to be issued, their cost, timing and, of course, the progress of the project, if it has already been launched.

When developing an ICO site, you can include a rating for each project. You can create your own criteria for evaluating how safe it is to invest in a particular company. This information is usually provided without any personal judgment. Certain algorithms may be included to collect the required data and display it to visitors. Such algorithms can be deployed so that they can be tweaked and improved in the future.

The evaluation of the project can be determined by the listing of the company, any of their previous projects, date. More recent ads may have lower ratings. You can include any other points that you consider valuable to your visitors. 

The algorithm can recalculate points every day, every few days, or once a week. Typically, the entire system used for scoring does not appear on listing sites. This is what you need to consider when you are deciding how to create an ICO listing website.


ICOs can be risky business, but such things never go out of style. With the advent of all innovations and new projects, the Internet will be full of offers. By creating an ICO listing website, you can help both investors and project owners. Investors' choice will be made easier when they don't need to browse through tons of information. And project owners can find those who are interested in what they are proposing. And this is a good reason to start developing an ICO listing site.

Based on materials from the site:

☆ What is an ICO Tracking Site?

It is a website that allows investors to track the launch of multiple ICOs in one go. Needed to check projects.

☆ Why do you need the function of sending via the interface in the ICO?

By using the submit via interface feature, you will transform your website into a full-fledged marketplace. It also includes all the powerful features you need to manage your marketplace. 
Sellers can easily register accounts, add items, and more.

☆ How easy is it to create an ICO website?

Powered by WordPress. Use an ICO theme.

☆ How to advertise an ICO site?

There are several ways that you can promote your ICO, for example, you can place your ICO on one of the listings or make an announcement on some calendar sites such as and, you can also consider social media and communities, blogs, and other content marketing techniques.

❺ How much does it cost to create a website for ICO?

It depends on the complexity of the site, the focus of the project. Please contact us and we will quote the cost for your project.

❺ What other data do ICO listing platforms collect?

ICO listing platforms collect data on current and upcoming ICOs, their detailed description, including 
technical document and project type. In addition, developers need to consider some kind of scoring system that would tell investors where it is best to invest their money.

❺ What is the best token standard to use in ICO?

It is believed that the Ethereum Token Standard 
ERC-20 is one of the best industry practices when it comes to ICO challenges. Explore other options as well.

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how to create an ico listing website
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How to create an ICO LISTING website?

Blockchain is becoming extremely popular. First of all, thanks to cryptocurrencies. But before cryptocurrency comes into play, a few things happen. One of them is ICO. The number of ICOs is growing rapidly, and, of course, only a few of them really deserve attention. We are going to explore the following questions:

how to create a successful ICO website
All Cases

How to create a successful ICO website?

While you should hire professionals to help you build your site, you can still do the preparation and planning a lot. This will simplify the design process and save money. Start by creating all the relevant content your site needs.

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